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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daring Chloe -- book review

I took a break from reading nonfiction books and just read a "fun" book that my mom got at the library. It's very chick lit and good for quick, light reading. I did find the title to fit in with the current theme of my life. It's Daring Chloe by Laura Jensen Walker. That whole "chase the lion" thing with facing your fear goes along with "daring" a bit, don't you think?

This book tells about Chloe and the Paperback Book Club's adventures. It was cute, and there was even something from page 102 that spoke to me despite most of the book being "fluff" compared to the other books I've read this year. (No offense. I actually LOVE these kinds of books and is mostly all I read for YEARS!) Here is what caught my attention: Chloe was thinking of a painting she'd seen and how it touched her . . .

"How incredible that something done over a hundred years ago could still touch people today. Will I ever do anything that will touch people a hundred years from now?"

I really have no lofty thoughts that I will leave behind something so memorable as a painting or sculpture or even a cross-stitched piece, but this thought of Chloe's DID make me wonder if I were storing up earthly treasure or heavenly treasure.

My preacher often asks us this question:

One hundred years from now, where will you be?

And I want to add this:

Where will your loved ones be? Where will your neighbors be? Where will the world's other inhabitants be?

It's not like our new cars, fashionable clothes and pretty houses are going to mean much to us at that point. But people's souls? Ahhh, that will matter. They last for eternity.

So anyway...that's my short review on that book! Now I'm back to reading the non-fluffy books even though God spoke to me even among the fluff. :-)

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