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Monday, August 30, 2010

August Books

I guess I'll go ahead and record the books I finished reading this month.  Can't believe it's almost September!

Painted Dresses by Patricia Hickman -- Following the death of their father, sisters Gaylen and Delia head out on an unexpected road trip that brings them closer as they seek to untangle buried childhood memories and better understand their mysterious mother. This story takes place is NC, Texas and Louisiana.  I got it from my church friend, Cindy.

A Survey of Old Testament Introduction by Gleason L. Archer, Jr. -- borrowed from my dad -- see notes on Moses being the author of the Torah,  and  the reinterpretation of Jephthah's daughter being sacrificed.  , why suffering though doing good , does God allow Himself to look weak , King David and Jesus on the topic of enemies.

The Mending String by Cliff Coon -- book I borrowed from church friend, Cindy; I liked this book.  The main character Ellie reminded me of my blogging friend Amber because of her love of books and her stubborn, doesn't-take-junk from anyone ways. I enjoyed her character.  This book deals with Ellie and her pastor father, Clayton, and the way an incident with the law along with a a long-ago secret serves to bridge the gap between them.  A main theme in this book was truth -- telling the truth yet being compassionate.

Adelaide Piper by Beth Webb Hart -- this book follows the college life of Adelaide as she eagerly leaves the Low Country of SC for what she hopes will be a more enlightening time. It's not until she reaches college in the mountains of Virginia, meets people from the Northeast and has a horrible experience that she realizes how she really misses some things about home.  This book introduces characters with interesting names such as Jif, Dizzy, Juliabelle and Brother Benton.  One thing that stuck out to me was one character thought she wasn't bad enough to need a Savior while another thought she was so bad no one could save her.  I got this book from Cindy.

An Historical Survey of the Old Testament by Eugene H. Merrill -- The author reviews the Old Testament and shares some background on people and nations and events that shaped the Israelite nation among other things. I borrow this from my dad. --  see previous posts for more details

King David and Enemies Revisited

The Bible and those bats-as-birds things

Just Some Notes

"That's Just YOUR Interpretation" by Paul Copan  -- see previous posts; author dealt with some interesting topics such as reincarnation, who made God, why would God send people to hell, the Trinity, genocide and slavery in the Bible, supposed contradictions in the Bible and so forth.  Another of Cindy's books.

"Rather than embracing the view that God has picked out individuals for salvation and allowed (or destined) others to be damned, we can affirm that God has chosen a body of people in Christ, and they become part of the chosen people as they embrace Christ by faith. ... His election is corporate and general rather than individual and specific." (pg. 89)  The author said this would make more sense in a Middle Eastern context since they are more corporate than Westerners who are more individualistic.

And, yes, God did choose individuals to carry out His plans for a particular mission. Just as he chose Jacob over his twin Esau. This didn't mean Esau was unable to repent and come to personal salvation. God chose Judah for a mission bypassing his more righteous brother Joseph. (see note 4 on pg. 211)

Hadassah by Tommy Tenney -- this is the story of Queen Esther; yes, this seems to be the year to read books about her, but my friend had this at her house so I decided to read it

Two things that I remember -- Esther finding that it is GOD in whom she should delight and also how she would sometimes forget all that God had done for her while going through some scary situation.  She had to remind herself of God's past faithfulness instead of focusing on her problems.

Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin -- this was a good book (from Cindy) that made me cry; it helped me understand foster children a bit better and gave me more of a heart for little ones who have been passed over and not adopted into forever families. This book was told from the point of view of a reporter, Chase, who grew up in a foster home.  The book seeks to solve the mystery of his beginnings, his foster parents and the little foster child, Sketch, who is unable to speak yet communicates by drawing and writing.  It also tells of Tommye and the things she does in order to die in peace.


Lat said...

You read so many?!mA!I had to stop reading for a while,almost a month!, because of my constant headaches or is it because of my specs,I don't know.

Feeling so much better now that I just borrowed 2 books,'My Forbidden Face' by Latifa...hhhmmmm not me of course! :) But the name did call out to me,'Take me! Take me! See I hanve your name!' hahaha
And the other about Sikhs which I've been needing to do for a while.

Amber said...

I would have made a terrible preachers' daughter. The fights, I suspect, would have been epic and possibly apocalyptic! :)

Susanne said...

Lat, I've had that trouble too with books just jumping off the library shelves wanting me to read them. I can SO relate! :-D

Sorry about your headaches. I look forward to any book reviews you want to share! :)

Amber, trust me, this girl and her father had some major disagreements. Really, her personality just reminded me of you. Now you may be totally different, but it's how I perceive you from knowing you through blogland. :)

Wafa' said...

Painted Dresses
The Mending String
Adelaide Piper
Chasing Fireflies

seems very interesting books especially "chasing firflies". They are going to be on my list "to read" along with millions of books.

Thanks a lot dear for this beautiful post and for introducing us to many books :)

Susanne said...

Wafa', I think of the 4 books you listed, you'd especially like "Chasing Fireflies." :)