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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A week ago today ...

We went to Lover's Leap ...  (click pictures to see them bigger...unless seeing me bigger might scare ya - you've been warned)

Somewhere in Virginia

Didn't leap!

"Bewared" of the bears
Trust me, curly-haired, white girls are not good to eat -  so there!
.... 'cause I sho' nuff didn't want to be food for feed them suckers!

Saw Mabry Mill

Ya better rest up while you can...

closed for the season.

Nosed around the grounds

Happy to not be bear food

and took some pics.

Claimed my rock at Rocky Knob

"I'll stand on this rock so we can remember where this picture was taken."

Andrew claimed one too!

This rock put the "rocky" in Rocky Knob

Climbed a tree
I love this tree!
And Showoff there climbed higher!

Way to go, Andrew!

All of this is why our projected three-and-one-half-hours trip to Damascus - remember Damascus? -

House near downtown Damascus,Virginia built in 1889


Yep, you read that right.  

Pictures from November 13, 2010


Nocturnal Queen said...

Great pictures. I love that tree y'all climbed in. Is that a B&B? It's beautiful.

Amber said...

*clicks first pic*


It's like you're looming at me out of the tree! *runs and hides*


Hey, you know, my dad has a need to climb up higher than anyone else. Must be a skinny guy thing. ;)

Very pretty pics!

Susanne said...

Niki, there are a number of pretty B&Bs there, but that one is not. We actually met the owners while walking the last morning and talked with them for several minutes. They are moving there from Norfolk and fixing up the place. I'm glad you liked the pictures! Thanks for your comment. :)

Amber, your reaction made me laugh! I know I look especially scary with those black gloves *evil laugh*. "I'll git you, ma pretty....and yer little dog, too." *insert evil witch laugh*

Thanks for making me laugh! Hope you feel better soon! :D

Wafa' said...

seems like you have so much fun :)

Achelois said...

I love, love, LOVE the photos! In the first one you looked like a coy Bollywood actress :D Haha!

Seems like you both had some "rock solid" fun! Please take me with you next time!!

Susanne said...

Wafa', yes it was a good trip! I have missed it off and on all week. :-)

Achelois, sure thing...come along with us any time! :D Yes, we had a rockin' time! ;)

Kind Heart said...

wow Damascus in the USA! lol

Susanne said...

Yep! :-D

But not quite the same as Syria! ;)

Lat said...

Fantastic pics! Love all the views and really wish I'll get my turn sometime to climb trees! haha!

Good you had fun because we all need it! And mA! you look gorgeous in all your poses!

Susanne said...

Ha, thanks, Lat! It would be fun to climb trees with you one of these days. :)