"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ollie's, Library, Jesus

Today I went to the Grand Opening of a new store in town, Ollie's. It's kind of like Big Lots. Has a lot of close-out stuff or slightly irregular products at cheaper prices than if you found them in other stores in pristine condition. I usually avoid crowded stores, but I was just in the mood to go so I did.  They have a books section that I checked out with interest.  An older couple was browsing in the same area and the husband walked away with a laugh saying he didn't need to get any more.  He had 2 or 3 books in his hands already. I talked with them briefly and joked about his library. Good-natured stuff.  I started to go back to looking and the man requested permission to ask me something "rather personal." I didn't mind and told him "sure." 

"Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?"

I smiled broadly and assured him I did.

He then grinned and held out his hand to shake mine, "Glad to meet you, sister." 

Hehehe...I thought that was cute. 

And, no, I am not offended.  You care for my soul?  Thank you very much!  I mean that for people of any religion who care enough for my soul to share their faith. 


I was down to half a book left to read from my quest to read all my books so I treated myself to A TRIP TO THE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!  When I read books, sometimes I notice in the footnotes a book that seems interesting. First I'll look online to see if my library has it. If not, I resort to Amazon.com and my Wishlist.  I keep a notebook of the library books I may want to check out and I took it with me today.

I found a few from my list and - as always - a few not from the list that just, you know the drill: jumped off the shelves into my arms.

*tsk*  Naughty books.

I'm glad I took my reusable bag to carry them all. I had a sack of books!


You know that verse in Luke about Jesus coming to seek and save that which was lost?  I figured out this week part of that must be relationships.  He came to seek relationships and restore them. And the more I see people having problems within families - mothers rejecting daughters; fathers abandoning families; children rebelling - the more I see the wonderfulness of this aspect of Jesus.

Thank you, God, for your willingness to heal relationships!

More and more I see the value in whole relationships. It's really awful to be at odds with people who should be bound by love.

Wouldn't it be nice to just sit around, enjoy your family and have peace?


Amber said...

Your little old man story is cute! :D

I'm weird. Given my feelings that religion should be practiced kind of...'over there' *waves hands in that direction*, I wouldn't be bothered by your little old man either. He seems to have been very polite and nice about it.

Those darn books! Mine breed when my back is turned, I'm sure of it. So what'd you get? Anything interesting?

If all I had to do was sit around with my family? Peace would be short lived! I'd get bored. And a bored Amber is not a good thing. :D

Suroor said...

Sweet and cute post!

I'm jealous of your sack :) Enjoy, my little bookworm!

Susanne said...

Amber,yes, he was very nice about it. :)

I thought about typing the list of books last night, but didn't want to be tempted to start one before finishing the other. This morning I - blessedly! - finished the last book and can now start my beloved library books. Not sure if you'd find them of interest, but we'll see. I'll type a list of them soon perhaps. :)

LOL @ your books breeding behind your back. Ha, ha! Good thing so we'll always have something to read, huh? :)

Well, I don't mean literally sit around and sip tea and be bored. I just mean not have conflict! :-P

Suroor, thanks! Yep, I'm a worm...ha! I will embrace my worminess. Speaking of which, I saw in Isaiah 41ish where God refers to Israel as a worm and smiled. :D

Becky said...

Hehe I love that you "treat" yourself to a trip to the library, that's SO something I do!

Susanne said...

Yep, it's an inexpensive yet enriching treat! :)