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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Books & Boys!

Almost a month ago, I showed you my latest stack of library books. It took a while, but I finally finished all of those. Normally I am a fairly quick reader, but I kept getting distracted.  By these guys. Especially the baby. (click pics to see larger)

Michael was busy spending time with his uncle Juan and hanging out with his friends before school starts back, but we did go to the park earlier this week on an especially nice day. The weather was about perfect!
My sister emailed me last night about a free 8x10 collage picture that Walgreens was offering so I uploaded a few photos and made this which I picked up at the store this morning.  Pretty cute, huh?

I have many pictures of Michael around my house. Not so many of Zach so I should remedy that before he gets old enough to notice. The collage is a start.

We don't want the little man to feel neglected, do we?

I went to another library branch last week and ended up with these....none of which are in my yellow notebook, but they seem interesting enough.

There's a couple about China, one about Vietnam, the US's involvement with Saudi Arabia over the years and even a fiction story this time!  (Hear that, Becky?)  :-)

And no, really, I cannot believe I've not written much on my blog in so many days!  I've been reading yours as I hope you've noticed by my comments and I've been pretty active on Facebook, but just haven't had much to blog about. I hope you all are doing great!


Wafa' said...

You are a quick reader for sure and I jealous :(
btw, is that book at the front called "sleeping with the devil" about Saudi Arabia ? cuz the symbol is the same as the Saudi one !!

Have I said it enough? " Zack is the cutest baby ever" :D and the poses in his picture is just so adorable :)

Susanne said...

Wafa', yes, the subtitle is "how Washington sold our soul for Saudi crude." It's from a former CIA agent and he tells how the US government and the Saudi royals (and others) are working together for the sake of oil and money and power and influence. I really wish someone else would read it and tell me if it's true as I hate to take one person's word for it. He speaks a lot about the excesses of the royals in KSA. And also damns the US gov't.

Thanks for your sweet words about Zach. He is really a precious little guy. :)

I enjoyed your comment. :)

Lat said...

Zach and Micheal are really lucky to have you as their aunt! The photo frame looks good and I'm sure the little tiger will be very pleased when he begins to recognize these things.And I'm missing you and Suroor very much! I wish to blog and comment more as soon as all the spring cleaning and baking cookie biz is over! I'm weak and tired.....sigh

I'm not such a quick reader unless it's a murder,suspense thrilling story! :D Otherwise I'm slow...

Actually Susa,I've read a few articles,books and stories that says the same things about the US and KSA.So I think there's a high possiblity that is true.

Niki said...

I know you're not as interested in fiction as you are non-fiction, but I recommend The Help. It's about white people and how they treat their black maids in Mississippi in the early 1960s. I loved that book! It got 5 stars from me. :-)

Get it now! Okay, I'll stop being bossy. But you can find it anywhere. :-)

Amber said...

*giggle* In the...fifth picture down, where it's just Zach on the couch? He looks so put out! What were you doing to the poor boy?

Interesting books...

As to Niki's rec of The Help in the comments - I haven't read it yet, but I saw the movie (which is always different and not as good as the book) and I loved it. I plan on reading The Help as soon as I finish the series I'm in the middle of. So I'm going to go ahead and second that rec!

Susanne said...

Lat, I've missed you and Suroor, too. I hope she is having a good Ramadan and you as well. Hope the spring cleaning and cookie baking is going well! :) I'm sure your family is enjoying the yummy treats! Happy eid later this week!

Oh, I read some types of books much quicker, too! I understand!!

Niki, I actually like fiction a lot and for most of my life read it 99% of the time! :) Thanks for the recommendation. I added that to my list! I knew you liked it and I think it sounds like an interesting read - thanks for being bossy! haha! :D

Amber, let me know how you like The Help if you read it! It's always good to read a variety of opinions. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!

Ha! Yeah, poor Zach! ;)

Blog about your pirate event and let me know how it went, OK?

Becky said...

Ooooh fiction!

I actually want to read The Help too, and hope to do so soon :)

Also, I can totally understand getting distracted by such gorgeous boys!

Susanne said...

Ha! Yes, fiction! :) Oh, I'd like to read your thoughts on "The Help" too! :D

angelindisguise said...

AWWW cute baby!! :^)

Anonymous said...

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