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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Climbing Trees and Breaking Things

Remember how I've talked about noticing patterns in the past? (Like this post where I talked about tuna.)   Well, last night I posted a few pictures from Halloween on Facebook.  I had one where Michael took a picture of me pretending to climb a tree. I'd gotten to his house early so we took a few pictures while waiting for it to get dusky enough for trick or treating.  (It's this picture for those who are able to see my Facebook photos.)  Anyway, one of my doctor friends joked that it was cute, but he'd advise against it so I joked that yeah I might break my arm and have to visit a doctor.

No biggie.

A few hours later I was mowing the yard and thinking of climbing trees and wondering if kids even did that any more. I remember climbing trees at my great grandmother's house. My cousins and I had fun hiding out up there.

No biggie.

But then a couple hours later I was talking to my mom and she was telling me about one of her fifth grade students who was absent today. Turns out the kid was *cue spooky music* climbing a tree before trick or treating!


And broke his arm!


I just thought that was weird enough to share.

In other news, Lipstick Jihad was a really good book and I enjoyed learning about the author's experiences in Iran.  I never knew Iranians were so much like Americans in many ways.


sanil said...

Weird! :)

Cozy in Texas said...

We used to climb trees all the time and I fell into a bed of stinging nettles but nothing broken.

Amber said...

I climbed trees all the time as a kid and fell out of a few. Never broke anything though.

In tree related injuries however: I was walking back to my car Halloween night and decided to take off my boots. So I leaned against a tree to unzip the first one. My hand slipped and I cut the side of it up on the bark really nicely!

The trees are attacking! :D

Susanne said...

Sanil, I know! :)

Ann, thanks for sharing and welcome! :)

Amber, oh no, I hope it's not too bad of a cut. How dare that tree attack you! :-P

bfggds said...

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