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Friday, December 23, 2011

"Unveiled: Nuns Talking"

Here are a few quotes from Unveiled: Nuns Talking by Mary Louden that I found worthwhile to share.

"When someone dies here the attitude is one of rejoicing: we have an extra recreation day. Yes, really!  There've been five old ones go since I've been here, and they've been really beautiful moments, with the whole community gathered around the person that's dying and the priest there as well. It really is lovely, and I don't think I've ever seen anybody shed a tear. They're all thinking, lucky thing!" (pg. 53) -- Angela Therese, Carmelite Community, Darlington, County Durham 

I love this attitude about death!

"Within the Church, we're going to be faced with the question: do we really exist to serve people, and to attend to them in their needs?  Or do we exist to impose ideologies?" (pg. 178)  -- Lavinia, Institute of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Hampstead, London

Yes, really!

"Good does not exist without evil, and you can't have dark without light, but in my own appreciation, if God's hadn't allowed evil, then we would not know it,and we would almost be puppets. If good was all that existed, then I could only choose good, and it wouldn't be a proper choice. ... We search for the light, and it is an ongoing quest of humanity to find answers to these questions. Yet ultimately I believe we cannot find them here.  In the end, I have to say, 'I believe this. It doesn't hinder my reasoning, but it is beyond my reasoning.' I have to be prepared all the time to accept that reason is great, but that it isn't infinite. There is a limit to reason." (pg. 198) --  Renate, Community of The Holy Name, Derby

I love that she recognizes that reason has its limits! Tell me again why we expect to fully understand God as if saying our religion is logical means it's better somehow?

"And I believe that the Christian faith is not the faith of a book or dogma: it is the acceptance of a personal invitation. It is like someone saying to you, 'You are important to me, therefore come and join my company.' It sounds very simplistic and very primitive, but I believe that that is what it is."  (pg. 204)  --  Renate, Community of The Holy Name, Derby

Relationship rather than dogma...yay.



Anonymous said...


The first paragraph reminds me of my extended family on my Fathers side. Recently a cousin of mine died. It was my aunts only child and he was young. After the burial I complaining to my mother about my daddys family. They had tents set up, food catered, they were all laughing and joking and eating like it was a party?! I was so mad I left. I felt so awkward and sad for my aunt--who ironically was taking part in the "festive" attotides of those around her( well...off and on. There was crying and laughing on her part) I didnt see anyone.shed a single tear but her. Not that it is mandatory that a person does, Im just thinking that normal people would be somber, sad and show grief. Act in an appropriate manner. Control your excitment over how good the fried chicken drummettes are Just for a moment would ya?! But I think I was the only one who.found their behavior offensive and insulting.
My Mom told me that is how my daddys family behaves with deaths. It is like a party. Nobody cries. They celebrate the life of the deceased. Disturbing.if you ask me. Somebody better cry at my funeral lol
I think it may be an Indian thing? Not sure? But this paragraph definitely reminded me of my experience a month or so ago.

I hope that you're doing well and that you and your family have a very merry christmas and happy new year!!!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Sorry for typos, was typing on my phone

Susanne said...

Shell, I can see how that would disturb you especially since most people do find deaths and funerals sad and somber. I have known people to have a "celebration of life" instead of the more traditional funeral. Well, it technically was a funeral, but there was more laughter in remembering the individual than crying because he was no longer here. I guess it's what you are used to!

LOL that people better cry at your funeral.:) I hear ya! :)

Merry Christmas to your family as well! Thanks for your feedback. It's always good hearing from you! :)

Amber said...

I enjoyed all these quotes but especially the third one. I've said that many, many times and it's nice to hear someone else agrees with me!

Funerals = every culture has their own version of what is appropriate. I personally would prefer a party than people standing around all in black being depressing. I would come back and haunt the crap out of everyone who did that at my funeral. There're going to be tears no matter what, but shouldn't we be happy for the life that they lived and that they've gone on to whatever is next?

Susanne said...

Yes, the German lady agrees with you! :) (Some of their childhood stories during the war were really eye-opening!)

What you said about funerals...that's what a number of people I know believe as well. I like that idea actually!

sanil said...

I like the quotes. :) Not much else to add, but thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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