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Sunday, December 28, 2014

After-Christmas Trip to the Beach and Southport

A few days before Christmas, it was gray and rainy. I am grateful for rain because I know it's needed, but I admit sunshine cheers me more.  Christmas day was lovely, and we saw the forecast was going to be nice at the beach for the weekend. So Christmas night - around 9:30 - we got back from my sister's house, and I made online reservations for a small motel on the Cape Fear River at Southport.  We had stayed there back in April, and enjoyed the location very much.

So we headed out Friday morning and arrived in Wrightsville Beach (pictured above).  I walked there while Andrew got in a nice bike ride.  Later we headed to Southport where we stayed much of the next day and a half (two nights).

Saturday we drove over to Caswell Beach which is where we sat for awhile and I decided to put my feet in the water.  'Twas cold!

Both nights we watched the sunset over the Cape Fear River in Southport (below).  Several other people gathered to enjoy it as well.

At night we would dress warmly, and walk around the streets to see the houses lit up for Christmas.  I didn't take very many photos of them, but they looked festive!

Today we stayed around Southport for morning walks and Andrew took a bike ride.  I talked to some people on the pier and around the swings each day. Met folks from New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Raleigh, and "here." 

We went to Wrightsville Beach for another walk before we headed home. The temperature was in the low seventies, and we sat along the marina watching the boats on the intracoastal waterway. We were just getting ready to leave for home when Andrew saw this boat about to tip over.  It did. So we stayed to watch the rescue. The men were fine, but their handmade boat took on some water and when we left, they were trying to remedy that. 

What a great after-Christmas trip!


Susanne said...

Here is where we stayed. Nothing fancy, but the location is excellent!


Also, if interested click the blog pictures to see them bigger.

Niki said...

This made me really homesick. *sigh* Even though I was just in Southport a few months ago, I really want to go again soon. But it probably won't be until spring at the earliest.

And I love Caswell Beach. That's the beach we go to when we're in Southport. :-)

jaraad said...

First, Merry Christmas!
What a beautiful place. I am glad to read more about the place and your trip since you only posted pictures on Facebook :)
Thanks for sharing these lovely moments in your life.

Susanne said...

Niki, I always think of you when we travel to Southport since you are the one who got me interested in going. We'd never been before a couple years ago, and now we've gone many times. I like that we can get to Wilmington in three hours, and Southport isn't much farther. It's a peaceful place!

Jaraad, thanks for the Christmas wishes. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the explanation here. I guess I was in the mood to record why we went to the beach after Christmas since we've never done that before. Here's to more spontaneous beach trips! :)

How are you these days? Update us sometime.