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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Mishmash, part 1

1-- freezing rain; home all day

2 -- 60° so Tanger with Zach; entered taxes into H&R Block software at my parents' house

Still had a little icy slush left from our recent snow

Zach told my mom that he made a "different-language friend"

3 -- Children's Museum with Zach; cool again

4 -- watched Sophie some; took Zach to Tanger


6 -- Bristle Block creations

Aren't they great?

7 -- Zach left for the mountains

Sophie and Poppy

8 -- hiked at Hanging Rock State Park; visited Rockford Village briefly in Surry County

View from the top

Felt great in the sun

9 -- made butterscotch cookies

11 -- to Myrtle Beach with Andrew and Michael

12 -- Myrtle Beach

13 -- walked on beach; departed for home

14 -- Miss Shawver died from cancer (just detected a few days prior); received tax letter about property taxes the former owner needed to pay

15 -- party with the family plus the Cruzans

16 -- tax situation resolved (William paid it; he thought escrow had already); to a Mebane park with Zach where he built a stick forest on the sandy volleyball court, and he came home and decorated his tricycle with flowers

Zach's stick forest

finding flowers

"I'm getting it ready for spring!"


Haitham Jafar said...

fun despite the cold <-- my interpretation :)

I liked the tree-forest, lol

jaraad said...

What a lovely way to record events and beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Susanne said...

Haitham, thankfully March has been MUCH much better than bitterly-cold February! :D

Jaraad, thank you!

I always appreciate both your comments. :)