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Friday, August 14, 2015

Carter Lodge at Chimney Rock

view from the road

In the past, Andrew and I visited Chimney Rock and Lake Lure for a few hours at a time.  However, during our last visit (well, last before this time, so June 2014), we noticed a couple of places where we thought it would be neat to stay if it worked out.  As I was looking for hotels in the Asheville area, I considered a couple of places in Chimney Rock - Fibber MaGee's and Carter Lodge.  I had picked up brochures of both, and we ended up staying at Carter Lodge. Here are a few pictures of the lodge, its grounds, and the view from outside our room.

We stayed on the backside which you see here from the river

Looking up from the sidewalk outside our room, you can see the American flag at Chimney Rock Park.  

A few feet outside our room were lounge chairs, flowers, decorations, and a swing!

I am writing a note to my family at home

Down a few stairs, you could sit out here closer to the river.  You could even go down to the river - which we did a couple of times.

Second night's note home

As we left Chimney Rock, we noticed these goats enjoying the kudzu taking over the area between Gerton and Bat Cave, North Carolina.

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