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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Collection of Sophie Pictures

I noticed I had several cute pictures of Sophie on my hard drive, and I'm not sure if I ever shared them here or just maybe on Facebook.  Figured I'd post them here as a Collection of Sophie Pictures Post.

First, here is one that Sophie's grandpa shared on Facebook of him with Megan, my sister in law.  You can decide if Sophie favors her mom (or papaw).

Tony and Megan

In no particular order... Sophie in snapshots and studio pictures!

Sophie and Zach 2015

Sophie and Zach 2015

just shy of 2

1st birthday

barely born


They said she was mad because the cookies wouldn't come off the plate!

Sophie 2014

Sophie with Steph and Will; March 2015


Two years old!

Look how much her hair grew in a year!  Compare that ^ (April 2016) with this one from March 2015.

almost one

with Nana; March 2015

Sept 2015

I sure love my Sophie girl!

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