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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Watching the Olympics

For the last seventeen days, I've had some version of this in my living room.  Today, really, was the worst. Andrew had to add the two containers to get the antenna higher.

See. We don't have cable TV or a dish so we use that black square thing on the mantel in order to bring in some local channels. Unfortunately NBC is the worst major network and we have to finagle things to get the signal most of the time.

Since the Rio Olympics ended today, I wanted to document this before we put things back to normal.

After feeling rather ambivalent about the upcoming Summer Games during May, June, and July,  I surprised myself by enjoying the Olympics.  Even Zach enjoyed watching Michael Phelps and was inspired to learn how to swim better.

If you watched, who was your favorite athlete? Favorite event? Story?  What about your least favorites?


Stephanie Wibby said...

We don't have TV service either and I didn't care enough to go to these lengths. :D I saw a clip of Simone Biles' floor routine, that's about it. Impressive! And a bunch of stuff about how much people were criticizing her and Gabby Douglas for ridiculous things, and commenting more on female athletes' appearance than their performance. Frustrating.

Susanne said...

I agree. People did make the Olympics frustrating. But, thankfully, there were many good moments, too! :)

ajjig manyila said...

If you watched, who was your favorite athlete? Favorite event? Story? What about your least favorites?
1) who was your favorite athlete?
Answer : The non medalist Indian gymnast :
Dipa Karmakar (Bengali: দীপা কর্মকার; born 9 August 1993) is an artistic gymnast who represented India at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is the first Indian female gymnast ever to compete in the Olympics,[1][2] and the first Indian gymnast to do so in 52 years.[3] She attained 4th position in Women's Vault Gymnastics event of Rio Olympics 2016 with an overall score of 15.066.[4]

She first gained attention when she won a bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow,[5] becoming the first Indian female gymnast to do so in the history of the Games.[6] She is sponsored by the GoSports Foundation.[7]

Karmakar is one of only five women who have successfully landed the Produnova, the most difficult vault currently performed in women's gymnastics.[8] She also won a bronze medal at the Asian Gymnastics Championships and finished fifth at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, both firsts for her country. She made to the fourth rank at the rio olympics 2016.

Dipa Karmakar achieved history in April when she became the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics and the first gymnast of either sex from her country to grace the Games since Tokyo 1964.[9]

Susanne said...

Thanks for your comment, Ajjig! I enjoyed reading about Dipa Karmakar. :)