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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bike, Blob, Beautiful Beast: Snow Day Happenings!

We've had at least three other snow events this winter, but I didn't even bother to photograph them.  They were rather lame.  I figured eventually we'd get several inches, and THEN I'd take pictures.

Today was that day.

Andrew was out nearly from the get-go.  First he tried out his fat-tire bike.

Then he got to work on the yearly snow blob.

Usually when he makes it, the snow has nearly stopped coming down.  Not today. 

A few hours after I posted Snow Blob (above) on Facebook, it looked like this due to more snow falling on it.  Somewhere in there is a blue scarf.

Later, I bundled up and we walked to the park

and then I came home and took pictures in our yard and in my inlaws' back yard.  (Did y'all know I lived beside Andrew's parents?)

I took several pictures of Flash.

 In fact, he watched me, and later Andrew riding his bike,

and then he decided to come out from under the shelter so I could photograph him. I thought my phone pictures turned out rather well. 

My real camera had melting snow on the lens at this point.   Flash still looks pretty good in the snow.  

I am for sure a warm-weather-loving person, but I must admit that snow is charming, and I enjoyed my two walks with Andrew today. 


Niki said...

Love the pictures of Flash. Horses in the snow usually make for lovely photos.

Chiara said...

A belated congratulations on this post, which gives a wonderful glimpse of your life, and of the joys of snow!

Susanne said...

Chiara! So good to hear from you!! It's been too long. I was thinking of you not long ago, wondering how life was treating you! Thanks for stopping by!

Niki, thank you! :)