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Sunday, February 11, 2018

DNA Player Cards

Ancestry offers these cool "cards" now so I figured I'd share my family members' cards here.

First Andrew.  As far as I know, not related to me except by marriage. Hahaha.

Me. With a stingray a few years ago; Oak Island, North Carolina.

My dad.

My mom.

My nephew (sister's son).

About that Slovenian last name, though

Note: when we got our results a year and a half ago, Europe South was called Italy/Greece. Since then they have renamed it Europe South, but when you click on it at the Ancestry website it says, "primarily Italy and Greece."  I think back then Ireland was separate, too, but now I see Scotland and Wales paired with it.


Niki said...

I've gotten far enough back to find that Charlie and I have common ancestors (1600s/1700s and further back) and my parents also have common ancestors (1500s/1600s). I read somewhere that people of European descent all descend from Charlemagne. Get far enough back and you probably will find common ancestors between you and Andrew. Besides Adam and Eve and their family. Haha.

Haitham Al-Sheeshany said...

That's nice! Sort of reminds us that we are one, right?

Susanne said...

Niki, that's cute! :) I've not found any common ancestors for me and Andrew, but I've not really researched it too much.

Haitham, it does! :)