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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Damascus -- Street Scenes in the Shiite Neighborhood

I am going to start sharing some pictures from our trip to Syria. On the first Sunday we were there, we went to an internet cafe' in the Shiite neighborhood and when we left it around 1:30, these scenes from the street caught our eyes.

Children, children, everywhere ... even in the streets!

Children talking with their friends after school probably wondering who that crazy foreigner is taking their photo

Kids, bikes, cars, trucks, even the occasional horse ... all sharing the road

These little guys were nice enough to stop and pose for the camera

Andrew got caught by the guy we dubbed "the aggressive nut seller," and he bought . . .

a kilo of pistachios and cashews for about $17!

Photos from February 1, 2009
Damascus, Syria


Nocturnal Queen said...

I'm glad you posted these. I like looking at pictures from your adventure in Damascus. :-)

Suzy said...

These are wonderful. So vibrant and full of life :0)
Thanks for sharing them !