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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quote & What I've Been Up To (Ed-style)

"As far back as creation, God declared that 'it is not good for man to be alone' (Gen. 2:18). We were created for relationship with the Lord and each other. Although the rugged individualist has been promoted as an American hero, such self-sufficiency leads to relational poverty."

(pg. 11 - In Touch, May 2010)

Do you think this is why people can be lonely in a crowded room? Or a city of 10 million?

Michael and Susanne on my birthday
April 30, 2010

: by chocolate from Samer
Celebrated: my birthday at Red Robin's (restaurant) and Smitty's (ice cream place) with my friends
Gifted: with homemade strawberry preserves from my neighbor (tonight - yay!)

Chocolate Samer sent from Germany

Discovered: the North Carolina driver's license agency opens at 9 and not 8 or 8:30
Prepared: for that by wearing something I could walk in
Walked: in parking lot for exercise (how many times can one circle the same grocery store and restaurant in 45 minutes? Without looking suspicious)
Annoyed: at a new NC law which means I need to get my car inspected prior to getting the tag renewed
Enjoyed: a Chick-fil-A biscuit (free with a coupon sent to me by a friend)

Susanne, Denise & Teresa
Birthday 2010

the postcard from London that Louai sent and I received today
Called: "innocent" because I drink milk and not coffee
Finished: reading all eight books I borrowed from church friend, Cindy
Neglected: watching the lone movie she let me borrow - oops
Decided: to finally read a translation of Al Quran


Carmen said...

YES! I think that's exactly why. :)

Being at the top can be very lonely.

LOLed at your finishing all the books you borrowed. Still didn't watch the movie yet, have you. ;)

Sarah said...

We are definitely social creatures! Modern life often makes it hard I think.

What lovely photos. It looks like you had a nice birthday.

LOL @ you walking around the parking lot for 45 minutes! I hope you didn't get any funny looks!

I am very excited that you are going to read the Quran. I hope you post about it as you go. It would be so cool to see what you make of it.

Suroor said...

Lovely photos! I think you had a great birthday; definitely better than mine :)

So have you finished the third surah yet??

Amber said...

Hah. You're adorable, you know that? I loved seeing the pictures of you and your friends and you and Michael.

Also, I hereby volunteer to help you with all that chocolate! ;)

'Do you think this is why people can be lonely in a crowded room? Or a city of 10 million?'

Oh, yes. I've long said that humans are herd animals. We're not happy unless we're around others of our kind. Sure, there are some 'rogue' members of humanity, but, uh, they usually end up being more than a little bit crazy anyway... but we've been taught, culturally, that we *must* be self-sufficient to varying degrees, and I think that's created a deep, deep level of loneliness, and a...disconnect from reality on many levels.

Okay, *what* movie did she lend you that you haven't watched yet? You keep mentioning it, and now I'm curious as to what it even is.

Louai said...

He, he i loved this "how many times can one circle the same grocery store and restaurant in 45 minutes? Without looking suspicious)"
You have to be in Damascus, by then you will be in the head news to arrive early; where people famous of arrive after their appointment:-)

Susanne said...

Carmen, nope, no movie watching yet.:)

What do you mean about "being at the top can be very lonely"? Seeing how the Bible seems to be in favor of relationship, do you think we have been wrong to promote the individualistic (independent) lifestyle? Do you think it's "wrong" to be a loner, for instance? Curious about your views on that. Maybe a post for your blog? ;)

Susanne said...

Sarah, yes, I wonder if modern life is the problem...that's an interesting thought. Maybe we stay too busy so we don't take time for deep friendships? I know my friendships here are quite shallow at times. :-/

Yes, my birthday ended up being pretty nice. Andrew had a prior commitment all weekend, but my friends called and we had a fantastic evening just talking and laughing. Earlier in the day I got to visit my favorite 8 year old. :)

Re: walking in the parking lot -- I tried not to look around much so I wouldn't see any strange looks. Ha! Thankfully it was early enough that it wasn't overly-crowded. Still. There were construction guys working on a nearby road...I tried to avoid that area as much as I could.

I'd not thought to post about my reading of the Quran...hmmm. But maybe I will. Thanks for the suggestion and your comment. :)

Susanne said...

Suroor, oh, I wish I knew about your birthday before it passed. I would have at least made a big deal about it virtually. :) Next year, young lady! :D

I finished the fourth sura this morning actually. Thanks much for helping me with my questions the other day! :)

Susanne said...

Amber, of course I'm adorable. I laughed recently when I recalled your comment about my picture at the mosque. You said something along the lines of my looking like a child playing dress up. *AHEM!* And, yes, innocent children who drink milk are oh, so, adorable. ;)

I'd send you some chocolate, but it would likely melt on the way to FL. But come on up and visit and you can eat to your heart's content. :)

I love your comment about us being herd animals. Very true. I like my alone time, but usually I am reading books (visiting people there) or online with y'all (visiting people here).

Oh, the movie...ha! Now I'm too embarrassed to say. OK, in keeping with my adorable childish theme from above...it's UP! Yes, the Disney Pixar one. Hehehe. Don't laugh.

Susanne said...

Louai, ha! Yes, I'd be famous in Damascus for being early. Greeeeeat!

By the way, Ladies, this is my sweet Arab friend who sent the postcard from London for my birthday. He is very thoughtful and cheeky. :) Yes, the birthday greetings came 6 days later than my birthday, but he sent it in plenty of time so it was just delayed by postal services or maybe volcanic ash. Regardless, he often makes me smile by his thoughtfulness.

Thanks, everyone, for the comments!

Carmen said...

Well, specifically this part...

"Although the rugged individualist has been promoted as an American hero, such self-sufficiency leads to relational poverty."

We as a society seem to want to reach the top, be promoted, feel like the most important, gain status.

To do this, people often trample on others along the way. Many are so driven that they are schmoozers but not truly relational.

They end up accomplishing their "dream" only to realize how lonely they are because they didn't really enjoy the journey and road, they just used people.

About those that are naturally loners, I don't necessarily think it's a purposeful wrong way to live, but I do believe we were created for relationships.

It's hard to accomplish the Great Commission if you're never around anyone.

Susanne said...

Carmen, great stuff! I totally agree. I'm so glad you came back to clarify those things - thank you!

Amber said...


You should totally watch UP! It's a great movie. Very cute. I loved it. :)

Susanne said...

I still plan to do so. Really. :)