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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Happenings, Picture Links, I Watched Oprah & Last Bit about Paul

Been staying fairly busy lately. Last Saturday we celebrated my dad's birthday at my brother's house.  Some of us took a walk and posed for some crazy pictures near the lake.   I went out with my dad, sister and Michael on Monday and my dad bought me and my sister new tennis shoes.  You can see mine on my foot here if you want. I know not everyone is into shoe pictures.  I generally don't take pictures of my clothes or shoes, but these are hot pink and a bit different from the kind I typically wear.  Thus, a picture is called for.   :)

Today I returned some library books and got three others.  The one I started discusses some history from the time Islam was formed. It promises to not focus on the bad aspects or the good aspects, but to be balanced. The author rightly said he grew up hearing one side so he wanted to learn the other. He said showing only the bad - as is often done in the United States media - is only giving part of the story.  But he also said showcasing only the good is inaccurate. I'll see if I learn some interesting tidbits from him that are worthy enough to share.  Let me go get the book so I can remember the author's name. 

*wanders off to find the book*

It's called Peace Be Upon You and it promises "The Story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Coexistence" by Zachary Karabell.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not a movie person. I would much rather waste my life on the computer or reading a book than sitting in front of the TV or a movie screen.  That said, I did enjoy The Sound of Music when I was a kid and today I watched Oprah because she had the original cast together as they celebrate 45 years since the movie came out. Mind you, I was not around to see it fresh off the screen, but still The Sound of Music and I go waaaay back.   It was interesting to see how grown up the cast looked now.  Hehehe.  In case you didn't know and cared....Christopher Plummer was 34, Julie Andrews 28 and the girl who played Liesl was 21 when the movie was filmed in Austria.  I would not have known it was on except that I called my mom at 4 and she told me. So I ended up watching Oprah today.

I know, I know..the excitement never ends.


Here is the last little bit from the book I just finished about Paul that I wanted to note.

"Religion took over the legacy of Paul as it did that of Jesus -- because they both opposed it.  They said that the worship of God is a matter of interior love, not based on external observances, on temples or churches, on hierarchies or priesthoods.  Both were at odds with those who impose the burdens of 'religion' and punish those who try to escape them.  They were radical egalitarians, though in ways that delved below and soared above conventional politics. They were on the side of the poor, and saw through the rich.  They saw only two basic moral duties, love of God and love of the neighbor. Both were liberators, not imprisoners - so they were imprisoned. So they were killed. Paul meant what Jesus meant, that love is the only law.  Paul's message to us is not one of guilt and dark constraint." 

It is this:

8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Philippians 4

pg. 175, What Paul Meant by Garry Wills


observant observer said...

I love the quotes you mentioned from Paul's letters. Beautiful, that indeed makes me think that it's inspired by God. How I'd love to love that way...

Susanne said...

Observant, I'm glad you liked those! They are some of the best. Philippians is a particularly great letter, in my opinion. :)

Thanks for your comment!

sanil said...

I would much rather waste my life on the computer or reading a book than sitting in front of the TV or a movie screen.

That made me giggle. :D I'm glad you referred to yours as "wasting your life," too. My parents and my roommate complain a lot that I am wasting my time on the computer, but they always tell me that while they're watching TV, like they do almost all the time! I don't mind being away from the computer when we are going places and have other things to do. But if you're just going to sit around no matter what, might as well get stuff done and see what's going on with the outside world! So weird.

I didn't know you don't like movies. Interesting, I learned something new. :)

I like that you go to the library to take back the old books and get new ones. I can't wait till I'm done with school and (I hope) have time to do that again. My professor said in class yesterday (half-joking) that we will get our time back and be able to relax again after about a year. Looking forward to that!

I like the shoes. Pink is good!

Thanks for the update!

Susanne said...

Sanil, thanks for taking time to read all my stuff and commenting. You are sweet. :)

I like wasting my life on the computer...hehehehe. I really don't consider it a waste since this is where a lot of my friends live and learning more about friends is never a waste. :) I was just teasing. As you said I could spend all my time interacting with the TV instead. But this way is usually more educational.

Yeah, I'm just not a huge movie fan...not sure why. Sometimes they are OK. :)

Thanks about the shoes. I appreciate your feedback! Oh, and yeah it will be fun to read for pleasure after college is done!

Carmen said...

I watched (and never do on a normal day) Oprah too. I found it interesting that the girl that played Liesl said she had a crush on the man who played her father. haha

Even though it was neat to see them all together, I have to admit that I thought there were far too many commercials and not enough interesting information or questions.

Gosh, I'm picky!

Carmen said...


You wrote (or rather quoted):

They saw only two basic moral duties, love of God and love of the neighbor. Both were liberators, not imprisoners - so they were imprisoned. So they were killed. Paul meant what Jesus meant, that love is the only law. Paul's message to us is not one of guilt and dark constraint."


I definitely agree that love was the underlying theme of everything that Jesus preached.

However, the line about love being the only law. Do you think that to be true?

I tend to think more along the lines of law without love being useless, not that love negates the law.


Susanne said...

Carmen, yeah, I agree about there being a number of commercials. I guess that's how Oprah makes her millions! :)

The actress who played Liesl was only 13 years younger than Christopher Plummer so I guess I can see why she'd have a crush on him. I got the impression the audience thought this was "ewwwwy" like it was some sort of incest. Ha, ha! I guess that shows how much we are ingrained to think of them as father/daughter! No crushes allowed! :-D

About love being the only law, perhaps he was referring to Jesus summarizing the whole law with these two things:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Perhaps keeping the law is part of loving because when you love your neighbor, you don't steal from him, murder him or sleep with his wife. Good observation!

I appreciate your comments. :)