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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Sadness

So today was Good Friday, the day many Christians remember Jesus' crucifixion.  I found out about an event at a rescue mission located about 45 minutes away and went there to help serve lemonade to the people from the community who came to eat. The day was cool and rainy, but we had a large crowd to feed. I had a wonderful time smiling at others, talking to the adults and making funny faces at the children.  I wanted them to see Jesus in me and I hope they did.  The mission gave away bags of groceries, nice clothes, Easter baskets and had games and balloons and prizes for the children.

On the way down I was listening to a CD from a message my pastor spoke a few months ago. I remember liking it then so I saved it and today I remembered why. One part he talks about suffering with people.  How we enter into their suffering the same way Jesus suffered with us.  So this evening I've been suffering for Syria.

They had "Great Friday" there.  Each Friday they have had names for their protests -- the day of persistence and .. I'm drawing a blank, but you get the idea. Today being Good Friday for Christians, they decided to show solidarity with the Christians within Syria and gave it the Arabic version which Samer told me translates to Great Friday. So, Great Friday was a horrible day!  Almost 90 people killed and I saw some gruesome videos!  I "liked" Shaam News Network* on Facebook so my news feed has been full of the reality of the day there!  And it's awful!

So I am sharing in their suffering and am heartbroken for the beautiful people throughout that country who are seeing their country fall apart and for those precious souls who lost their lives today.  I weep with them.

Edited to add this video. A Syrian friend (not Samer who has been asleep in Germany for hours now) asked me to share it on Facebook just now and I decided to add it here. It will break your heart.

* Click the link, but be prepared for some graphic stuff. Some of my Facebook people seemed to have problems with a couple things I posted from it today.  Reality is too difficult for many folks whose vision of reality is Survivor and Hell's Kitchen.


Durriyyah said...

I can't watch the video... images tend to follow me to my dreams where I can not escape, or move my mind to more productive things like what I can do to change what is there.

God is with those who put their trust in Him. We can only pray that God is with those who are suffering. Do your friends in Syria know what we can do over here to help them?

Chiara said...

Thanks for posting on Syria, and for showing the reality.

"Real reality" can be very harsh.

It is important for others to realize what Syrians are suffering and how high the death toll has been (the last count I saw was over 200 since Friday).

Some of these protesters have known what they were risking, others not, and many innocents are caught in the cross hairs (not cross fire).

Indeed, one may say that none deserved the reprisals that have been meted out for attempting to demonstrate peaceable and ask for rights.

No demands have even asked for Assad to leave. What would be the result if they did? How much worse?

Again, thanks for sharing this.

Susanne said...

Durriyyah, thanks for your support. I am not sure what we can do at this point, but if I learn anything I'll let you know.

Yeah, the video is very graphic... :(

Susanne said...

Chiara, thanks for your words. I think many people knew what this regime was capable of. Even though most of them are too young to remember Hama, they remember Hama!

It's so sad what is happening there. The protesters basically have no weapons and want to keep things peaceful, whereas the government has all the weapons. There was an interesting story from Cal Perry from Al Jazeera English yesterday on what he witnessed as he was trying to leave the country through Jordan. (He didn't want to leave, but his visa expired and the authorities told him he must.)

You can read it here if you want:


Hebah said...

it truly is heartbreaking, I have family over there, and I can't begin to imagine what they must be going through. thank you for bringing this to people's attention.

Susanne said...

Hebah, you're welcome. I wish I could do so much more! I hope your family is doing OK although the circumstances are tough for many. Thanks for your feedback on this post.