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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Should I Encourage Revolution?

Ever have a conflict of whether you are right to encourage people to fight for their political freedoms?  I'm not speaking of people in America, but in a country where your President (for life) and the military are so entwined and most of the people weaponless so that any conflict will be vastly unfair.

I don't want to say "don't fight...you might be killed!" when they want change yet are frightened of the brutal response of the regime and its supporters.  I'm done with fear being the reason for doing or not doing anything.  Fear holds me back too often and I want to throw off that chain whenever it reaches out to hold me down.

On the other hand, should I encourage them?  I am pretty good at giving pep talks, urging people to remember God, not to fear and all that stuff.

But should I?  I realize I am thousands of miles away and don't have to deal with seeing my friends beaten, arrested and shot at. It's easy to be a cheerleader when you don't have to get in the game ... and possibly be hurt or killed.

I wonder what Jesus would tell me to do . . .

He didn't lead any revolutions against the Romans yet he was for righting wrongs.  And we Americans surely pride ourselves for rebelling against the British when they were heavy-handed.

Hmm, decisions, decisions.


Durriyyah said...

I think it is hard for us so many miles away to really understand the reaction one would get in a revolution. Each person should make their own decision based on their own personal circumstances as well. Should a widow and mother of 6 go in the line of danger? I think most people would say no, but she would be elevated to near sainthood if she did. Not that that's a reason to fight, but I think you get what I'm saying. :)

Also, does a revolution need to be within their borders? Can things be done from a safe distance? That's an honest question I don't know the answer to.

Susanne said...

Nice to see you again! I appreciate your thoughts. I'm glad you understand my confusion. :)

I've enjoyed your posts about being a SAHM. I'm glad you are discovering the goodness of that for your family!

Thanks for your comment!

Amber said...

It's a hard question. On the one hand, there is always going to be a price paid in lives. Can you feel okay with yourself while encouraging people to do something that might get them killed? On the other hand, if they are living under a despotic regime and have reached the point of revolution, can you really be okay with *not* encouraging them to reach for what the want and what they believe to be right?

I think we'd all be happiest if wars were fought 'over there' in some nebulous, empty space. Where there were no civilians, and no one ever got hurt or killed. That's not reality. And the really unfortunate thing is, in so many cases nothing will ever change unless people force the change. And that tends to involve bloodshed.

Wafa' said...

Yes you should, people have been in pain for a VERY long time and they -we- need to rise up. We can not wait for dictators to look after our needs, that's why they are dictators, they don't care.
Will people get hurt along the way? sure thing but that wont stop people from dying all the time and getting hurt all the time. In our countries people get arrested for mainly nothing and get hurt all the time so it's the same.

Susanne said...

Amber, Wafa', thanks for your thoughtful words. I've decided I'll just cheer them on from afar and support them however I can. The ones I'm closest to seem to want change very very badly so ... we'll see how it goes.

I appreciate your words very much!

Amber, "over there" got so much more personal since I traveled there and found I loved the place and people! *sigh*