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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Southport and Oak Island with My Mom

This year is moving along pretty quickly.  Before we know it, we'll be decorating the house and buying presents for Christmas!  I have been meaning to document the overnight trip my mom and I took last month to Southport and Oak Island, North Carolina.  She had never been to either, and I had been thinking for a couple of years that I would like her to see it. Well, the opportunity for a short trip came up and we went!

I picked her up on Saturday, March 28, and we headed east to the North Carolina coast.  Our first stop was in Historic Southport.  Later in the day we checked into our motel room for our night on Oak Island.  Here are a few pictures from our fun time there.  (click pictures to view them larger)

I drove her through the area and we quickly saw the yachts at the marina

We walked along the riverfront houses and noticed the tea pot set up and the rock smiley face (look left)

The store in the Nicholas Sparks book-turned-to-movie "Safe Haven"

Mama was reading and enjoying the sights and sunshine on this pier

We explored some on Oak Island: walking on the beach and pier, driving over to view the light house and to see what else was nearby.

Oh yeah, we met these nice guys from the NC foothills. They caught this stingray and wanted me to have picture proof that I held it. Thanks, fellas! They were super-friendly!

My mom decided to text my sister and dad while I took a few pictures.


The next morning we walked along the beach again. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I loved seeing the water glisten as the sun shone off it and the slight wind made it dance. Looked like millions of diamonds thrown across the water.

Our hotel was near this place so we had to take a few pics, right?

Mostly just me and the birds

After we left Oak Island, we made the short trip back to Southport where we split up for a while. Sometimes we like doing things at our own paces, so we each walked a bit, shopped a bit, sat and looked a bit.  I, of course, took pics a bit.

First a photo of Mama acting ... like her dad, actually! :)

The book exchange place. I left three books and found a couple to take home and read.

I bought my dad some fudge here, and got a few things for Andrew and my mom.

I love flowers

Fun décor

We had a wonderful trip! I'm very thankful for those hours together!


Niki said...

Love this. :-) Charlie and I are hoping to go next month. If he's here. He's going to Texas in the morning. :-/

jaraad said...

What a lovely trip. The sunset pictures are amazing.
I found that if you want to create a happy moment to remember always you should have a good company.

Susanne said...

Niki, I hope it works out for you to go. You were mentioned more than once on this trip! I always credit you for introducing me to this place. :)

Jaraad, thank you! Yes, trips are better with loved ones. Here's to many happy moments for you! :)