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Saturday, June 27, 2015

June: Kids' Stuff

Fewer than six months until Christmas!  I can't believe how fast 2015 is going.  June started off a little cool and damp. I remember one day when the high was in the mid-sixties.  Once we hit our first 90° day, however, it kept on and on and on.   We had 90+ temperatures for 14 days straight until today when the cloud cover and threat of rain has kept it cooler, but muggy.

(Oh, now it's raining - good. We need rain.  -- 4:58 PM EST)

Here are a few activities this month with Zach and Sophie.  I did see Michael some, but he's at that age (13) where you just don't take as many photos.  (Sorry, Mike! I took lots of pics when you were younger!)

During the cooler days of June (6/3), Zach and I enjoyed doing some chalk art.  He likes to wear his snow boots sometimes and has them on here. In fact, when he goes with my dad to check on the garden, he often wears them as his work boots.

One day we went to the mall in Greensboro where Zach enjoyed playing and eating ice cream.

 Several times we went to the Children's Museum. He wanted to wear the scrubs before checking the horse's eyes and ears.  I was surprised because usually he doesn't want to wear the dress-up clothes there.

We had the April and May family birthday party at our house (on June 6).  Everyone seemed to enjoy it - especially the kids.

Sophie thoroughly enjoyed her plate of banana circles.  (6/15)

Zach and I enjoyed the sprayground!  The first time we went was with my mom in late May. Later Stephanie and Michael went with us.  And the third time, it was just me and Zach. 

This was our first time going - May 29

This was our trip together on June 18.  We both got thoroughly wet that hot day!

Zach got Lego swim trunks since his first visit

I love how Sophie looks for her big brother.


jaraad said...

I noticed from my Facebook feed how some states were very hot the past couple of months. Here in Jordan on the other hand the weather is still in its spring mood :) During the day in the 70s and at night in the 60s. I love it!

I am sure your nephew and niece are lucky to have you. You always take them to nice places :)

Niki said...

Cute. :-) I know that water felt good on those hot days.