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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day Trip to the Boone Area

Last Saturday, September 19, was beautiful, and Andrew and I took advantage of the clear, sunny day to visit the Boone area.

As Andrew rode his bicycle down the parkway, I stopped at a few overlooks.

someone left these

found a couple apple trees at Thunder Hill Overlook

The leaves were still mostly green, but starting to change.

Beacon Heights Overlook

Found this on Green Knob Trail

there were many fields of these flowers

 Price Lake on the Parkway

Valle Crucis Community Park

This Saturday is wet, wet, wet. We need the rain (it's been super-dry, and, frankly, one reason we were able to travel last Saturday since Andrew didn't have any work), but I sure do appreciate sunshine and being able to go to parks and the mountains!   I've enjoyed reading today, though. I'm so glad I like to read! 

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Niki said...

Pretty pictures. I like the smiley face.