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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Children's Museum: Sophie's first visit; Zach's crafts

On September 1st, while Zach was at Disney World with his grandparents, I had Sophie over to my house where we played for a little bit and then I took her to the children's museum for her first visit.  Zach and I go there regularly, but Sophie had never been.

First a couple of pictures of Sophie at my house:

She wasn't quite sure about the stairs

look who I found!

And here she is at the museum:

Last week, (Sept. 8 and 9) Zach and I went to the museum, and a couple of workers were talking about decorating the wall for fall. Zach heard them, and wanted to help. So, he drew some leaves, and cut them out.

He also gladly helped paint the background.   Hiroko told him he could take off his shoes - in fact a few of the kids helped paint part of the background with their feet (bottom panel of the tree-on-the-wall picture below). 

colorful feet

One day he asked Amanda for some paper, and he made this tree which we hung on the line in the craft area.  He was quite proud of it.

Amanda getting paper for the kids

Zach's tree

1 comment:

Haitham Al-Sheeshany said...

I smiled at the colorful feet one :)))

But my fav. is the 1 Sophie points to the toys/dolls/stuffed animals [so many labels! :P]
like she is saying: it is wake up time, com'n! :D