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Monday, October 26, 2015

Abingdon, Virginia

Yesterday I left you in Damascus with Andrew headed towards Abingdon, and my taking pictures by the river.  Well, we both ended up in Abingdon which was about 20 minutes by car for me, and 90 minutes by bike for Andrew. He was riding pretty hard so he'd be there before dark.

I parked in the creeper trail parking lot, then walked to the historical area.  Oh, first I took pictures of these purple flowers and watched a train go by that had around 130 cars!  I felt like the signs nearby were moving.

The sun was shining down this main street so the leaves were especially lit up.

Here is the boyhood home of Robert Sheffey.  My family grew up watching a movie about him. He was a circuit-riding preacher. I was surprised earlier this year when I read the plaque on this house and it mentioned him!

After walking a short while, I went to the creeper trail to wait for Andrew's arrival.

The next morning, Andrew and I both walked in the downtown area.  We also walked there a bit the night before, but I didn't take many pictures since it was dark.  We always enjoy seeing the Martha Washington Inn (see history of "The Martha")

and "our" swing on the grounds,

This is often where I sit when I email my family at night

Barter Theatre,

 and other sights around town.

Some weird rope art, and a fake guy on the bench.

Barter Theatre on the right

This year we also discovered the Sinking Springs Cemetery.  Here is a cabin on the grounds.

And graves and trees.

This person was part of some wood workers association.  Neat how his grave marker reflects that, huh?

The marker on the right had the "known" Confederate dead listed.

They had these ghost lights lit up down one section of the main street.  They looked especially cute at dark, but this was during the morning.

We also found LOVE across from the Barter Theatre.  Abingdon is a really pretty place to visit.

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