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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alvarado Station to Damascus

After walking awhile in Abingdon, Andrew headed towards Damascus by bike while I drove the car.  The evening before I'd seen a sign for one of the creeper trail stations. I don't know if the sign was new or if it just finally took my attention, but I made a mental note to stop there.  Andrew and I made plans to meet at the Alvarado Station.  I had never been off that main route so I wasn't sure how far back it would be. I went through some lovely open areas with some big houses.  Finally I stopped at a place that I thought must be it because it had a gravel parking area.  I locked the car, took a few pictures of this stream, and then checked the sign out by the road.

Turns out it was the winery that I'd seen advertised. I wondered about the odd smell. I think it was rotten fruit.  So I got back into the car, and went just about a half mile more and found the station.  Should have known it would look more like this, as that is more similar to the Whitetop and Green Cove stations at the top of the mountain.

Also, Andrew had mentioned a small store and church which were in the same area.

This house was on the other side of the station.

This nice area with swings (!!!) was across the street at the river.  I want to visit those swings again one day.

Andrew got there maybe ten minutes after I did. He bought a big cookie at the store, and I took a few pictures before he left again.

After he left, I went back into the tiny store and bought a piece of pecan pie for Andrew to have later. I like to help out small businesses when I can, and Andrew enjoys pecan pie!

Then I headed for Damascus, and arrived there about ten minutes later. I was looking at this pretty tree and the cows drinking water from the river when I saw Andrew ride by above me on the creeper trail. He was looking the other way, but stopped when he heard me call his name.

We were only about two minutes from the parked car. I followed soon after.

Here is the area where we meet in Damascus.

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