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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just some stuff

Today's date of 09/09/09 was pretty cool, wasn't it? I was talking to Samer on Skype earlier and he started teaching me the Arabic alphabet. I was using this list at Wikipedia, trying to just say the names of the letters. Wow, it was pretty hard. And that's not even the sounds of the letters or what they look like. I had to just look at the "name" column. I looked something like

I took Michael to visit Mema and Pop today. On the way home I was telling my dad how Pop was asking me where I was from and such things as if I were some nice stranger who just came over to help them clean. Michael heard me talking and said, "Pop sounded like a psychiatrist" when he asked me those things only Michael pronounced the "p" when he said "psychiatrist." And he said the middle part a bit wrong as well if I recall. Said he'd learned about psychiatrist from the extra features on a Looney Tunes DVD...hmmm.

Michael asked me why God wanted to destroy the earth and create a new one. He said that and the killing in the Bible bothered him. "I really wish God would have given those people a second chance." Then Stephanie told me he was learning the Ten Commandments for school and he asked her "what is adultery?" Ahhhh, the things you have to explain when seven-year olds start asking tough questions!


Amber said...

I was waiting with bated breath at 9:09:09 on 9/9/09 to see if the world would implode.

It didn't so I got back to work. ;)

I imagine Arabic being one of the harder languages to learn, and what about reading it? I know they're letters and words, but they don't *look* like it...

Looney Tunes is an educational program. For instance: Gravity only works if you look down. :)

Heh. Re: adultery. My co-teacher for CCD has a 7 year old daughter, who asked her the other day *how* God made people. Not why, but she wanted to know how He was doing it these days.

I'm not sure what her answer was, because I was too busy laughing.

SarahC said...

Arabic, huh? Yeah, a few of the letters are hard to pronounce. You need to hear them. And then work out how to create that sound! In class I got given a diagram of the mouth and throat with instructions for how to make the sounds, which really helped.

The alphabet is the easy part, and really fun actually. If you learn it, then if you go back to Syria you'll become obsessed with reading all the shop signs and road signs. Trust me. :D :D :D

Susanne said...

Amber, ah too bad. Work/world imploding....work/world imploding *weighing things*

Agreed, Arabic looks like scribbles to me. I am not seriously learning it. I am too old for that.

LOL @ Looney Tunes re: gravity! So true!

Ohhh, great question by the 7 year old...ha, ha! I would be laughing as well. Hehehe.

SarahC, great to see you! Yes, Arabic seems too hard for me. Have you learned it? I admire people who can speak other languages. :)

Louai said...

Susanne, You are too old for that ?


Arabic is quite easy, just learn the letters and numbers then leave the next part to us :-)