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Friday, September 4, 2009

Wandering Thoughts

The moon sure has been lovely the last couple of nights. I love when the full moon comes and shines so brightly in the sky.

I watched Michael three days this week because my sister worked at her church's preschool. (She had two year olds and Michael told me today, "Sus, can you believe mom said she liked me more than two year olds?") Two days we visited Mema and Pop and today we just stayed at his house. He wanted to bake something as a gift for his mom and dad so we found a box mix of cinnamon muffins. He poured in the oil and milk and stirred it. I cracked and added the eggs. Then we both worked on greasing the muffin pan and putting the batter into it. Michael told me I was a good helper. :-)

Thankfully they turned out well and Michael seemed very proud to present them to his mom when she returned around 12:30. She was appropriately appreciative of his thoughtfulness.

I told him about a friend of mine whose brother needed prayer and when he went to do his homeschool work, I said, "Michael don't forget to say a prayer for ____" to which he replied, "I already did and when I finished I made a perfect G." (He was practicing his cursive S and G today in writing. I guess he thought his praying for others caused him to do good in writing.)

A week ago today we left for Myrtle Beach, and we stayed until Monday. Michael went with us, and we had a good time. The weather was great on Saturday and Sunday -- hot like you want it to be when you are in the water. Andrew enjoyed riding the waves (there were some good ones maybe thanks to Tropical Storm Danny in the Atlantic!) and Michael dove into them, rolled with them (rather they rolled him!) and punched them with a huge smile on his face. I stood out there with him and had fun watching him enjoy the salty waves! In fact I smiled so much my face hurt. I guess I'd not exercised it by smiling much lately. :)

When we came home the weather was much cooler and most days this week were lovely indeed! Very fall like in the upper 70s for highs and into the 50s at night.

I noticed recently that I have worn a groove in the left "shift" key. Must be doing a lot of capitalizing and writing ???? ... hmmm. I showed Andrew last night and he did a double take and laughed. Why yes, I DO use my computer right much. :-D But I hardly watch the TV in the other room. I have only watched the news this whole summer, I think. OK..maybe Andy Griffith and Seinfeld once or twice while doing some bookwork. I did watch 3 movies this summer with Andrew. DVDs we borrowed from my sister. That's like a record for me since I am so not a movie watcher.

I helped with my church's food pantry last week. We met for a couple of hours, put dates on the fronts of cans (partly to make sure they were still in date) and then sorted them by type. All the corn goes in one place, green beans in another, spaghettios in another and so on. Then we made up boxes of assorted foods so the deacons could take them to needy families. I plan to help with that a couple times a month. I signed up for two Tuesday mornings so far in September.

I can't believe it's September already. It seems I was just in Damascus not that long ago, but it's been 7 months. I still miss it a lot. Presently they are in Ramadan so I know it's quite different this lunar month than when we were there. Yesterday I had a hankering for babaghanoush. I wasn't sure if I'd like this stuff, but the taste was really great and I liked it everywhere I had it (three places, maybe.) I thought it might taste like pickled veggies, but it did not. I don't care for strong vinegary foods. But babaghanoush and pita bread? Yum. And how about a bit of that Turkish lamb kebab while we're at it . . .

I think I've rambled on long enough. Good night!

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