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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December books

I got busy with Christmas preparations and reading/responding to blogs the last couple of weeks so I didn't read as many books. I figured I'd go ahead and post the list of books read this month.

The Best of Evil
is a novel by Eric Wilson which takes place in Nashville, TN. Aramis tries to solve the mystery surrounding his mother's death and also an old American mystery about explorer-turned-governor Meriwether Lewis' supposed suicide. This was an easy read with some mystery to it.

The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzmann is a fiction mystery incorporating talk of architecture, labyrinths, nightmares, monsters and psychological problems. At times I wondered why I was reading this, but it ended up pretty good in the end.

The Woman Who Named God by Charlotte Gordon -- "Abraham's dilemma and the birth of three faiths" -- see previous posts, but guard your furniture first

Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims by Christine Malloulhi -- a book explaining Arab and Muslim culture where "appearance is everything" to western Christians; see previous posts for more information


Roland Hulme said...

Wow, I love your book reviews - and you sure do churn threw 'em. You should start a review blog - I mean it! Not enough people read books any more and the ones you choose are fascinating!

Susanne said...

Um, thanks, Roland. I don't really think they are your types of books, but I appreciate your kind words regardless.

I like your blog. Hope you can tell since I try to comment often. I think you have a lot of good ideas especially about health care. I like that you try to consider other points of view. I want to be more like that myself. :)

I was particularly moved when you told us how you lost your faith. And I find your son absolutely adorable. And your ginger hair, too, of course. :-D

wilsonwriter said...

I'm glad you got to read "The Best of Evil." Thanks for mentioning it. I hope you have a chance to read the sequel, which is a much stronger mystery, "A Shred of Truth."

Did you happen to put together the clue that is strung out through the book? It's hinted at on the last page.