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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Books

Today is the last day of February so it's time to post the few books that I finished this month. Also, happy birthday to my "baby" brother!

Day After Night by Anita Diamant is a novel "based on the extraordinary true story of the October 1945 rescue of more than two hundred prisoners from the Atlit internment camp, a prison for 'illegal' immigrants run by the British military near the Mediterranean coast north of Haifa. The story is told through the eyes of four young women at the camp with profoundly different stories."

Islam Made Easy by Edgar M. Feghaly, a Lebanese Christian, who attempts to explain facts about Islam and the Quran. I'd heard much of this before and much prefer books by Nabeel Jabbour and Carl Medearis. This book did have a section on where the Bible and related Quranic stories were found. This might be helpful if I ever wanted to compare the two.

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth Bailey -- a cultural study in the gospels -- see previous posts -- wonderful book!

Tea With Hezbollah
by Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis -- searching for the ones willing to love their enemies as Jesus taught -- see previous posts; I read this book to Samer via Skype and posted notes on what we thought of this book

That's all, Folks! Tomorrow the March Matthew studies begin! I hope you will be involved!


sanil said...

Wow, you got a lot of reading done! That's awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Beautiful!
Sorry I've been slacking so much lately and haven't taken the time to comment much. :(

I think I will get two of these when I am out tomorrow. Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes and the first one you mentioned. I saw your post on the Jesus one and I was very intrigued!

I hope you're doing well. Congratulations on that 500th post! Thats a real blogger! I need to pay attention lol

Lots of hugs and best wishes
Hope you have an AMAZING WEEK! InshaAllah

Susanne said...

Sanil, I take much longer going through (certain) nonfiction books, it seems. I had some monthly lists last year with MANY more books than this. But thanks! :)

Shell! Girl, how's it going? I hope you enjoy the books if you decide to read them. I know not everyone has the same tastes in books, but FOR ME I liked them. :)

I only happened to see the other was my 500th post because I was directed to the blogger dashboard where it said 499 posts. So I figured why not mention my milestone post. Hehehe. I'm so weird.

Hope you have a good week. Thanks so much for saying hello. I'd missed ya! Hugs back to you!