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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Michael & His Parents

I know I talk quite a bit about my nephew Michael. I thought I'd introduce you to his parents today. Stephanie is my younger sister and her husband is Will.

Last year while in Syria one of our friends saw pictures of my family and when we came to Will, Ahmad said, "He is not an American" as if we all have the same look. ;) But actually Ahmad was right. Will is from Venezuela. Last year I wrote a post mentioning Will learning to play American football with a book and how one of the most difficult words for him to say was "refrigerator." When you remember that Spanish speakers roll their Rs, you can see how a four-R word could be a challenge!

This was taken last year at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


Wrestling said...

Nice to meet them!

Suroor said...

Your sister is gorgeous! Looks a lot like you just the hair is different.

M looks a lot like his dad.

I really love Michael. He is so cute.

Susanne said...

My sister takes the time to straighten her hair unlike her lazy big sister. :-p

Thanks for your comments. :)