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Monday, March 8, 2010

Michael & Susie

See this kid? He's a great little fellow. Today was a lovely almost-spring day so we went to a local park where he found some friends to play with while I walked a bit and then read. Later we went on a walk and then sat down on a bench within the fenced tennis court. Michael noticed a rather large crack on the court. Not something that would hurt a person, but according to him: "if you were an amoeba? this would be a dangerous chasm!" Yeah!

Michael with an ever-present transforming toy on Christmas day 2009

How can I resist hugging this precious little man?

And we always have time for a few goofy-faced pictures ~ Michael's favorites!


Wafa' said...

Do you know how much i know you love Michael ??. Because i love my nephews nieces so much. My favorite one is my 14 year nephew, i know iam guilty, lol.
I hope you will have a great and loving relationship with him forever and ever :) . Btw, he is so adorable :)

Suroor said...

Aww, that is so cute and so considerate!

You know once Ray did that. He watched over a spider's web for days and didn't let anyone touch it.

I like caring boys. It is so rare in today's world.

Susanne said...

Wafa', that's sweet about your nephew! How many nephews and nieces do you have? Thanks for your kind comment.

Suroor, thank you for sharing the cute story about your thoughtful son. I bet he is so precious. :)