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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out of Africa -- My Grandparents

Not long ago my brother and I quickly went through some old pictures while visiting my grandparents' apartment. I wanted Daniel to scan and post some of them to Facebook which he did. I got these off of there a while back and wanted to share them now.

Remember yesterday I discussed Jesus' challenge about being salt and light in the world? Also in the Bible, Jesus told us to share the gospel ("good news") with others -- those around us and also those in other parts of the world. My grandparents met in Bible college and both had a great love for the Africans. They wanted to share the good news about the salvation God offers with them. Here are a few pictures.

Can you see my grandparents and two of my uncles?

This is my great-grandfather, great-grandmother and their three sons. My grandfather is the one with the arrow over his head. They were missionaries in China and, in fact, this grandmother is buried there. She died after complications from child birth.

My grandparents married in 1949 and soon after left for Paris, France to begin learning French. They were headed to Niger and Nigeria in West Africa soon after.
My grandmother

Ah, we did it!

Pop among the congregation

Two of the American children are my uncles. The one at the bottom is probably another missionary's child.

If you want to see a few photos from more recent years, please go here and here.


Carmen Sauceda said...

Ooooh, I love old photos. Thanks so much for sharing. How neat for you to be able to have glimpse into the past through photos.

Susanne said...

Carmen, I'm glad you liked the pictures. I am thankful I can see some places where they went years ago. I was thinking today that the children in these pictures now are over fifty years old. Made me wonder how many are still alive and what they are doing. Thanks for your comment.

Angela said...

WOW....that is so amazing. How precious and awesome to have such a rich history and having the pictures to to remind you..Just wanted to let you know I've been called to pray quite a few times for your brother David today..((hugs)) God keeps pressing him to my heart since this morning..

Wafa' said...

I love the pictures so much, they really are a history.
But you know Susanne, and i hope it's not offensive what i am about to say and if it's then please delete it, i never understand why people go for missions to spread and deliver the messages of their religions whether they are Muslims or Christians ?? why can not we love and respect and accept people for who they are regardless of their religions and who can say that if i love my religion and thought that it's the right one and have messages of peace that the rest will see it like me ?? .
I keep wondering. Did any of your grandparents tell you about these and their feelings ? .
Again dear, please forgive me if i said anything inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

WOW...I LOVE THIS! How interesting! What a great glimpse into the past.
I would love to be able to have something like this to pass on for generations-the photos are amazing.

Hope your doing well. Sorry I haven't been around much...but I try to come read when I can.

Have a great day!

Susanne said...

Angela, thank you so much for your prayers! I appreciate them tremendously! I'm glad you like the photos. :)

Susanne said...

Wafa', it's no problem what you said. I appreciate your honest question. It's not a matter of not loving and respecting people. To this day - even though they are in their mid-to-late 80s now - my grandparents love the African people.

According to the Bible Jesus told us to go into all the world and share the gospel (the good news that God saves us - it's a free gift that we don't have to work to obtain) so that's what my grandparents wanted to do. They felt God burdened their hearts for the Africans so they simply obeyed God.

It wasn't a matter of my religion is better than yours. We really don't preach "religion," but restored relationship with God through Jesus' death and resurrection.

I know that may sound weird to you, but I hope you understand that we are only obeying what we truly believe what God wants us to do.

And we do NOT believe in forced conversions or bribing people to convert with promises of money and visas. We fully realize all spiritual matters ultimately are between each person and God and only He guides people to Himself. We are just instructed to share the good news and leave the results to Him.

Please never hesitate to ask. I really appreciate you doing so in such a respectful way. :) Thank you, Wafa'.

Susanne said...

Shell, thanks for your super-sweet words! I'm glad you came out of hibernation to talk to me again! ;-P Love you!

Suroor said...

Oh Susanne, I love your Pop and Mema! I wish they were my Pop and Mema!

Susanne said...

Suroor, they have many "adopted" grandchildren so I will tell them that Suroor wants them to be her Mema and Pop and I know they will love to welcome you with big hugs! :)