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Monday, September 20, 2010

Just for fun ...

My sweet friend Wafa' had these questions on her blog a couple weeks ago. I saved them to Gmail drafts to do when I was in the mood for something lighter than religious postings and such.  :)  By the way, I just finished No God but God and took a few notes on the final chapter which I'll try to type within the next day or so.  I really enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. I learned so much and the author presented the information in a way that was interesting and kept my attention.  I greatly appreciate all who have left feedback on my chapter notes. You enrich my study and understanding so - many thanks!

Share a pick-up line you've heard that you really liked. Or share one you tried that was successful.
I can't think of any pick-up lines that I really liked or used myself.

Would you describe yourself as spiritual, religious or something else? 
in relationship with God by following Jesus though I stray a lot

How long is too long to go without a shower?
one day

List your favorite alternatives to saying 'no.'
narrowing my eyes
saying yes
just smiling
shrugging my shoulders

Whose side are you on, anyway?
it depends on the issue

What's the happiest life change you've had so far?
Michael in my life makes me happy

What are you proud of?
the fact that I traveled to Syria instead of succumbing to my fear

List the events you'd like to see added to the next Olympic Games.
I'm fine with what is offered.

List the advice you give to a friend getting over a bad breakup.
I don't know that I give too much advice for this. I just usually listen.

If you had to wear one color for the entire next year, which would you pick?

What's your favorite season?
spring -- it's such a hopeful season!

You just found a kitten – what do you name it?
depends on what it looks like and its personality
my brother has Jerry and George and growing up we had a cat named
Daniel Mittens Smokey the First whom we called Mitt

What's a bigger enemy to a clean home: a puppy or a baby?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

What helps you wake up in the morning?

You just got a magic tree! What does it grow?
Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate and it doesn't make you fat (hey, it's a magic tree!)

You get to start a charity. What is it?
teaching skills to people so they can be self-supportive

Who can you trust with your secrets?

Describe a time you were scared.
usually it's my anticipating bad phone calls

What's the best part about a wedding?
it being private so I have no reason to go

Which piece of technology would you rather go without for a month?

What's the best way to get someone's attention?
nearly hitting them with a car might work

They say the clothes make the man (or woman). What do your clothes say about you right now?
She's surely not into fussy name brands!

You've just won a dream vacation for four! Who are your three companions?
Andrew, Michael and whoever else wants to come along

What specialized rooms does your new multi-million dollar yacht have?
I'm so not into expensive toys. If I were given a million dollar yacht, I'd sell it to do something worthwhile. If I had to keep it, I'd sail to some needy place and have a specialized room for all the people to come in and have a hearty meal and relaxing day.

You've just won a lifetime supply of candy! Which type do you pick?
Chocolate like the kind on my magic tree

Do you think alien life will be discovered within your lifetime?

What non-exercise activity do you wish would keep you fit?
eating, reading, writing, talking, surfing online

If you could get any tattoo for just a week, what would it be?
maybe a Celtic cross like this on my ankle

What continent would you most like to visit?
they all seem so interesting and beautiful,
but since I've got European ancestry and have never been, I guess Europe

Where do you fall in your family's birth order?
oldest of four children

What do you usually want to know about someone when meeting them for the first time?
their name

Name three songs by the same artist that you'd recommend to someone who's never heard them.
Revelation Song
Let the Worshippers Arise
Your Grace Still Amazes Me
by Phillips, Craig and Dean

Which day of the week do you look forward to most?

You just sold your company for $100 million. What's the first thing you do?

If you had to lose one of your senses for a year, which one would it be?

Go ahead, get a secret off your chest.
I don't like chocolate pudding. Too gloppy, squishy.

The jig is up – you just got one year in jail. You get to bring three things with you to jail. What are they?
my computer
my food

What is your first memory?
not sure what is actual memory and what is just in my memory due to retelling by my dad

When is it hard to apologize?
when someone is demanding it

Money is the root of all evil – true or false?
no, the love of money maybe, but money is not evil

Which could you spend a whole week in: a treehouse, a tent or an underground bunker?
a treehouse would be fun, but it would be hard to stay there 24/7 for a week; I guess a bunker

What makes someone funny to you?
a good sense of humor

If you could invite any three people in history to a dinner party, who would you pick?
Jesus -- how much of that which is written about you is true?
Abraham -- how did you know it was God telling you to leave your family?  why did you agree to sacrifice your son?
Paul -- did you make Jesus into God or declare only what Jesus said about himself?  have you spent the last centuries in heaven or hell?

What's something you can’t understand no matter how hard you try?
God not having a beginning

Oh boy, you have invisible powers! Where's the first place you go?

What are you saving up to buy?
there is nothing I have in mind to buy presently
I'm not much of a shopper.

If your life were made into a movie, what genre would it be?
documentary - total flop 
Feel free to do this, too, if you want.


Sarah said...

This was entertaining! I laughed out loud at you liking the idea of a treehouse but finding it hard to stay there for a week so settling for a bunker :o)

Suroor said...

This is so precious! I LOVED it.

Especially liked this - "in relationship with God by following Jesus though I stray a lot." This is just perfect!

Wafa' said...

and after sometime away from blogs, i came to find my name at the top, i love that << how vain lol

I love the post so much, love to know more about you dear.
btw, there are another part where you can pick up the questions for another light post :)

Susanne said...

Sarah, I know! Nothing like going from living in the trees to burrowing underground. Hehehe. I was hoping my bunker was high tech enough to stay there for a week with little problem. :D Glad you were entertained! :)

Suroor, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it and especially THAT one. :D

Susanne said...

Wafa! Girl, I was a bit worried about you so it was special to see your name show up in my e-mailbox with this comment! :) Yes, I have another part from your blog to answer another time. See, I told you I might answer them one day. I just have them saved in drafts.

I laughed though when I read how much you love weddings! Hahahaha. You and me both. :)

And I love that you loved your name at the top of this post. See, I was missing you and you sensed that and found this post. Hehehehe.

Thanks for your comment!