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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Books

But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow is a book composed of short, true stories by about fifty authors and speakers.  Marita Littauer is the general editor.  It had many great lessons of how God spoke to people in their circumstances. Many times throughout, I was reminded to trust God, be still and know that He is God and walk by faith and not sight.  I got this book from my friend Cindy. 

Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler -- I loved this book I found at the local library.  The author traveled through the land where the books of Moses take place. It's a good mixture of culture, history, current events and observation of and meeting a variety of people.  See previous posts for more information.

Safe From the Neighbors by Steve Yarbrough -- library book; History teacher Luke May meets an old childhood friend and tries to solve a puzzle surrounding her mother's death forty years prior.  A mixture of local Mississippi history and small neighborhood happenings.

Letter to My Daughter by George Bishop -- A mother, Laura, writes a candid letter to her daughter after a fight which resulted in Elizabeth leaving the house and disappearing.  Laura begins the letter hoping to convey "everything I've always meant to tell you but never have."  First dates, being sent to the Catholic boarding school and tales from Vietnam (her boyfriend was there) are worked into this story to make a rather interesting read.

Growing Up bin Laden by Najwa (Osama's 1st wife), Omar (his fourth son) and Jean Sasson -- very interesting book that I enjoyed; told a lot of interesting facts about Najwa's years of being married to Osama and Omar's life moving from Saudi Arabia to Sudan to Afghanistan. Gave an interesting peek of their lives from their perspectives. Najwa talked more early in the book as Osama went from a quiet cousin-turned-husband whereas Omar's thoughts as a young man more privy to his father's growing military action is shared more in the latter half.

Directed Verdict by Randy Singer -- I got this book from my friend Cindy's house. It's a legal thriller involving the case of religious freedom and the use of torture. Brad Carson and his legal team - Leslie, Bella and Nikki take on the distinguished Stroebel firm and Judge Cynthia Baker-Kline (aka Ichabod) in this international case.

No God but God by Reza Aslan -- great book exploring "the origins, evolution, and future of Islam." see previous posts

Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh -- a very cute book I borrowed from Cindy; Piper Wick travels back to Pickwick, North Carolina to deal with a crazy family and Uncle Obadiah's changes to his will. I liked this author's sense of humor.  Nice, light, easy reading to balance some of the other books I've read. 

The Healer's Heart by Diane M. Komp -- "a modern novel of the life of St. Luke" is the story of AIDS-specialist Dr. Luke Tayspill and a story that takes place partly in the US and partly in London and Sierra Leone.    I especially enjoyed Luke's time in Africa when he was treating diseases he'd only read about in medical school.  A couple thoughts I enjoyed from the book:  tell God to keep searching for the lost lambs and "if you have no cause worth dying for, do you really have a reason to live?"   Also Sierra Leone nurse Brima's question to Dr. Luke about why was he there hit home. Luke wanted to help. Brima wished he were there because he loved his people.  I borrowed this book from Cindy.

The Witness by Josh McDowell -- Marwan Accad gets framed for murder and flees from Europe into North Africa as the true killer chases him. Marwan's brother tries to put the pieces together to figure out who is after his brother!  This is another book I borrowed from Cindy. 

Healing Sands is the third book in the Sullivan Crisp series by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn. Gotta admit that I really have enjoyed these books. In this one photojournalist Ryan deals with her anger problem, soccer moms and trying to reestablish a relationship with her sons who are living with her former husband.  This is another book I borrowed from Cindy.

Perfect by Harry Kraus -- Wendi seems to have it all - a lovely house, surgeon husband, good looks, but she feels it's all a fake trap and wants to be real ... which happens to involve the choir director at her church.  This book deals with grace and forgiveness as an alternative to being perfect before God and man.


Wafa' said...

you have very interesting books on the list this month :) and my favorites which will be on my list are :-

Letter to My Daughter
Growing Up bin Laden
The Healer's Heart
Healing Sands

thanks a lot for intorudcing us to new and beautiful books every month:)

Susanne said...

I always like to see which ones take your attention, Wafa'! Thanks for letting me know. :)

I hope you are doing well!