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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Snow!

Yes, I know it's December 26, but this snow started last night so technically it is a Christmas Snow, right? It was perfect really!  We had places we needed to go yesterday and Southerners aren't known for their getting-around-in-the-snow capabilities because we get much much less than our Northern and Midwestern counterparts. So, it worked out fabulously that yesterday was mostly clear and then it started snowing late in the day when all our festivities were over.  As I said on Facebook it was like icing on the proverbial cake!  Today we woke up to an absolutely gorgeous view. Lovely fluffy snow making the trees so beautiful!  Andrew and I enjoyed a fun walk this afternoon in the neighborhood. We tossed snowballs back and forth as we walked and then got back home and shook crape myrtle branches over our heads so it was like a mild blizzard!  (OK, "we" nothing. I did that.)   Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.  (click on each picture for a better view)

Usually this crape myrtle is green with nice pink blooms in July,
but now it seems I have a cotton tree!

My brother in law, Will, Bagel and Michael - so cute!

Are they not adorable?

Bagel modeling the latest from the Sponge Bob line
Michael and Will made a big snowman
Andrew made this one and brought it home in the back of his truck!
Happy Winter!  :)


Lat said...

No doubt! He's very very adorable!mA!
Loved the snowman and the white Christmas trees!:D i'm so jealous!

Chiara said...

Truly adorable--the post and everyone in it!

I've been thinking of you when I see the forecasts and wonder if you are enjoying the wonder of fresh fallen white snow!

It is hard in climates where the winters are usually warmer, there is little in the way of insulation in buildings or sometimes even central heat, and what passes for fall clothing here is winter clothing there.

Still if you are comfy and warm snow is a lot of fun!

So cute! Thanks for the heads up on this!

Nikki said...

We had a white Christmas, as well. Roads were awful Christmas Eve night, but were already nice and clear for Christmas (due, I'm sure, to the wonderful road crew who worked early early Christmas morning). It really was pretty, we didn't go out, though. I wanted to today, but everyone else wanted board games, instead, so I just went with the flow.

Carmen said...

They ARE adorable and the snow is just beautiful. LMBO that there is a snowman in the back of a truck. :)

Nocturnal Queen said...

I read that this was our first white Christmas in NC since 1969. It started snowing here a little earlier in the day than where you live. Though probably not by much.

I'm sure we had white Christmases when I lived in Ohio, but we always came down to NC (Fayetteville) for Christmas. So this was my first white Christmas. :-)

Suroor said...

Love the photos! I wish I was there with you!

Amber said...

Is Will Michael's dad? If so, did he have him when he was 12? He doesn't look old enough to have a kid Michael's age. Of course, if he's not Michael's dad then never mind! :)

Oh that poor doggie! Bagel's a chihuahua, yes? They are not meant for snow!

Did you and Andrew transplant the snowman to your yard? I think that's funny and great that he brought it home to you!

Susanne said...

Lat, wish you were here so we could play in the snow together. :)

Chiara, and thanks for your comment! Well, we get some cold weather each winter, but not Canada Cold! :-D Thankfully most of us have pretty good heaters. We're just not as equipped for getting snow/ice off the road, but thankfully Mr. Sun does a fair job within a few days. :)

Nikki, hope you enjoyed the board games on Christmas and got to go out the next day then! :)

Susanne said...

Carmen, that's Andrew for you! :-D And the mouth is a reflector in case you were wondering. When I first saw the picture I thought "orange peel? Twinkie?" :-)

Niki,yeah, I heard it had been snowing in Greensboro...even Gibsonville earlier. Really it was fine to wait until evening for me. Hey, maybe God even answered my secret wish for the snow to wait a few hours. I wouldn't be surprised.:) Hope you enjoyed it. Your pictures on FB were so pretty!

Suroor, well you and Lat come on over and let's enjoy it together! :)

Amber, ha, ha! About 3 or more years ago Will, Andrew,Michael and I think my little brother went to golf while we were visiting my grandparents in SC. The worker guy there - addressing Will - said something about not forgetting your little brother. He thought Will and Michael were brothers. :D

I wonder if it's a Venezuelan trait to look younger than your age or if Will is just special like that. :)

Oh and yes Will is Michael's dad. :) Bagel didn't stay out long. Just for a few pictures and to tend his bathroom needs.

Nope, Mr. Snowman is riding around in Andrew's truck even now. I'll have to see if he survives Andrew's riding around town hither and fro. Do you remember ever getting snow where you live?

Thank you all for your comments!