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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hijabi Susie

Dear sweet Amber likes to joke that I look like a little girl playing dress up when I'm wearing this ...this cape supplied to me by the folks at the Umayyad Mosque. I think it's my fitting that thing over 

my t-shirt, 
a lined coat,
and a hat 
that makes it looks a little, well, haphazard.

Playing dress up?

Perhaps I look a bit more mature in the black cape I wore at a neighborhood mosque.   By this time in my travels I was a bit more sophisticated getting the hang of wearing capes over all my clothes!

Samer called me Hajjeh Susie

Amber had a post about her wearing hijab because it was so cold in Florida this week.  Well, I wore my own version of it yesterday as well. And I took a picture to show you.

No big smile because I am not amused by these frigid temps! Brrrrr!


Anonymous said...

I am gonna make my daughter knit me a scarf like that. She taught herself how to knit from youtube and made her a hat already that is adorable. I think that is so neat!

Anyway, I love that masjid! It is beautiful!!! I have never been in anything more than a smelly, old, building that looks NOTHING like a masjid in the inside--save for the fact that men in beards are running around hahaha

Love you pretty! Hope you're staying warm and healthy.
Catch you on FB! hehe

Lat said...

Hahahaha! Laughing at the words,'Hajjeh Susie'! :D

My God,Sus! You're looking so lovely in whatever post you take !And thanks for the laugh! hahaha!

Amber said...

*lol* You do! I think it's the combination of the hat being so low over your eyes and then the hood of the jilbab (it looks like my hooded jilbab so that's what I'm calling it!) being sort of half on, half off! It's incredibly cute! I just want to pat your head or pinch your cheeks!

The second pic, with you and Samer - you look much more grown up. That's my Big Sis! :)

And you are so freaking cute in your winter clothes! Scooby's behind you! Is he looking for Scooby snacks? :) You look nice and warm there.

LK said...

haha Susanne youre so cute! I think you look adorable in hijab.

Susanne said...

Shell, how cool that your daughter taught herself how to knit! Yes, tell her that her momma needs one. :)

Yes, the Umayyad mosque is really pretty. I love all the detail inside and out. I love the description you gave of the one you've been in. The men in beards thing made me smile. :D

Hope you are staying warm as well. It was 15 this morning...brrr!

Good to see you! :)

Susanne said...

Lat, I'm happy I could make you laugh with the Hajjeh Susie thing! :D

Amber, LOL @ your wanting to pat my head and pinch my cheeks! You are making me laugh for real!!

Yes, Scooby always is looking for snacks. :D

LK, thanks much! :-)

I appreciate all your comments!

Suroor said...

You are my beautiful friend and look awesome in everything, even hijab :)

Wafa' said...

you really look like a hajjeh Susie :P

but you look amazing with/without hijab, it's what's inside your heart that matters and it shines all over your face :)

Yasser said...

well, i really liked ur look wearing black, u looked quitely as hajjeh as Samer said,
i mean, that how old ladies look usually back there in Syria,
well, i guess it was a good chance to try such costumes..?

Susanne said...

Suroor, thanks much! :)

Wafa', you are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words. :)

Yasser, did you call me an old lady?!?!?!

:-D :-D

Thank you all for your replies!

sanil said...

Cute! I thought it was just a really big coat in the first picture. The second one is very pretty, though.

This is my first year in awhile not wearing hijab in the winter months, and I'm not used to it at all. I finally went and bought a normal winter scarf and forgot I needed a hat too now that I'm not wearing a headscarf, so my ears are still cold. :D Have to make a trip back to the store this weekend.

Susanne said...

Sanil, thanks! I bet you look adorable in your new clothes. Do you tend like bright hats/scarves or are you more an earth-tone, muted kinda person? :)

BTW, I've been missing you! I know you stay busy in school,but I did notice your lack of posting and missed them. You always have such thought-provoking blog posts.

Have a good holiday season!

sanil said...

Earth tones, sort of. :) I have a black coat and got everything else in grey.

Thanks. :) I'll be back soon. It's finals week now (as in, starting this weekend, not the week that just ended), and I got so overwhelmed this semester that I had to get an incomplete/extension in one class, so I have 3 papers after I finish finals. That should be done before Christmas, then I'll be back. I've missed you, too, and hope you also have a good holiday! :)