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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Oddities

A few days ago Wafa' tagged me in a post where I'm supposed to share some weird facts about myself. Wafa' asked her mom and sister to shed light on her oddities.  I asked my Facebook friends!  Using a few things from their list and things I came up with on my own, here goes.

To my California friend, I sound like a pothole.

She's a friend I met online about 7 years ago and we talked briefly on the phone a time or two. So now when she hears this commercial she thinks of me.  She said she even reads my posts hearing me talking like this!

I am married, but have no children.  Purposefully. I like children. I adore my nephew. But I'm just not mother material.  So ... :)

I rarely wear jeans.  I like the look of them, but not the feel. I just can't stand to wear something that feels stiff like cardboard and life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes.

I will go out of my way on a sidewalk or neighborhood street so I can crunch leaves. Yes, even at my age.

A pile of great crunchy fun!

I rarely watch movies.  One movie watched this year (can anyone remember which one? It made blogging news.)  compared to reading 76 books.

I'm a name nerd.  It was through names that I met the California lady mentioned above.

I love talking accents.  When I was in high school I always enjoyed the Yankees who moved here because their accents were different.  Plus I liked hearing about life in the North and what we did or said that was peculiar to them. (Yes, I liked hearing our oddities from their points of view!)

I have a number of friends who live in my computer -- like all you reading this post.

I'll sometimes buy new shoes or clothes yet not wear them until my old clothes or shoes are really worn out. 

I like talking about religion/spiritual beliefs and I don't mind at all if people care enough about my soul that they want to share their faiths.  Just know I'll probably share mine in return because Jesus is worth sharing, in my opinion!

I don't really care for plain milk chocolate.  Give me the Hershey's Special Dark and York Peppermint Patties, please!

There are probably more, but I need to conclude this post. Lastly, I'll say I am weird because I actually enjoyed collecting and thinking of my oddities!

Can you think of any other weird traits that should have made the list?  :)

And I tag whoever enjoys such things!


Wafa' said...

i remember the video you post about yourself and you didn't like that pothole at all, lol

i feel what you said about motherhood and tough fabrics, we are similar in that.

Glad you shared the weird facts about you, weirdo :P

Susanne said...

That last line is too funny! Weirdo...hahahha! :-D :-D :-D

Amber said...



You do sound like the pothole, a little. But less Cali-omg-girly! Like a proper Southern gal. :)

Do our own oddities list? Surely you jest! I am perfectly normal. PER. FECT. LY. :p

Susanne said...

You??? Normal?!


*wiping tears*

Your list could be as long as the US budget, I'm thinking! :-P Would love to read it! :)

Amber said...

Normality oozes out of my every pore!

*waits for laughter to die down*

Honestly, I wouldn't even know where to start.... :)

Susanne said...

Maybe by asking your family and friends for suggestions! Hehehe.

No, really,I know you are normal and a list such as this would be VERY hard for you to come up with. It's too hard of a challenge for normal people. :)

Amber said...

Ask my friends and family? Oh, that's just asking for trouble. They all think I'm *weird*! :)

I'll think about this one. I may, I emphasize *may*, have a quirk or two. Or twenty. Whatever. :)

Susanne said...

You know I love you despite your possible one or two (or twenty) quirks, right? :)

Lat said...

Loved your oddities! That's one of the ways how a person differs from another :) If we all have the same traits we'll be such boring people!

But I thought not all jeans are hard.I've felt some that are soft to touch but I've not gotten them so far.Crunching leaves? :) Actually not bad an activity for it helps decomposition faster!hahaha! Now I've to see that pothhole....

Susanne said...

Lat, yes, our oddities make us special, right? :-D

Yeah, I know some jeans are comfy. I've just not found them! :(

Crunching leaves is just fun...I love the sound! :D

Suroor said...

If I had known you were THIS odd ... I would still be your friend :)

I always wondered about kids but didn't want to ask you. I know how much you love Michael :)

I like to look at jeans as well but not really feel like wearing them!

Susanne said...

Suroor, hahahaaaaaaaaa! Thanks for still being my friend despite all my oddities! :-P