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Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Michael Doodlebug!

Today he is 9!


Qusay said...

Happy birthday Michael :)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

You know, I have a hard time remembering that he's only nine. He seems so much more mature half the time from what you say. :)

Wafa' said...

Happy Birthday Michael :)

Hope he will have a great, long and happy life :)

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

Hope he had a wonderful day and that he has a great year ahead of him. Ameen.

Susanne said...

Qusay, thank you! Always nice to see you around. I hope you are doing well these days! :)

Amber, ha! Yes, I know. Some things he says are very grownup, yet he still is quite the youngster in many ways (for which I am grateful!!) :-D

Wafa', thanks so much!

Becky, I appreciate that!

Thank you all for your wishes! :)