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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kindness on Purpose & Life in General

 She opens her mouth with wisdom,
      And on her tongue
is the law of kindness.

Proverbs 31:26

Our minds would rather mull over the negatives in relationships, nursing hurts and thinking harsh thoughts about another, and it will take a good deal of discipline to change that habit. But if we are to learn kindness, we must start with our minds.  We simply won't be kind to someone we've thought of in anger all day long!

And from our thoughts comes our speech, likely where we fail most often. If kindness is to be taught, it can't be done with unkind speech and Proverbs ties the teaching to our tongue. Acid-laced words may get quick results, but what will long-term results be?  Our words should convey a 'sincere desire for the happiness of another' but I'm afraid they are often saying, 'Get out of the way of MY happiness!'  Remember, I read your heart when I hear your words!

As we discipline ourselves to think and speak kindly, our actions should follow. I wonder what changes might take place in that difficult relationship if 'Kindness on Purpose' became your method. It could bring surprising changes!

~ Marti Barkman, February 2011 Beacon Beam

Thoughts? Have you ever returned kindness for meanness or wished you had?  Or has someone else done this towards you?


Still...reading Is God a Moral Monster?

Planning...to watch the Superbowl this evening with the family.  Favorite player tonight.  

Troy Polamalu

He has some great shampoo commercials! 

Watched...my second movie of the year the other night -- Steel Magnolias. I'd forgotten how sad it was and bawled during the hospital scene.  Such a funny movie at times too.  Life is about good times and bad, laughter and tears. Thank God for good friends. Do you have friends such as are portrayed in that movie?

Enjoying ... The perspective of this blog post on Penal Substitution vs. Christus Victor

Went ... to Michael's basketball game yesterday morning and then out to eat with my sister and Michael for her birthday. We ate at Red Robin. Will was refing a game so he missed out.  Andrew was visiting some friends at his parents' house.

So what's been up with you?


Nocturnal Queen said...

"Have you ever returned kindness for meanness or wished you had?"

Yes, I have. Over and over and over. *sigh*

Lat said...

There's a tamil song about the tongue.When questioned by a competitor on what is the most dangerous weapon in the world,the other will reply that the tongue is! It can start wars and mediate peace! So I agree about the tongue.And it all starts from our thoughts.Haha! Descartes words comes to mind, "I think therefore I am."

'sincere desire for the happiness of another' I think this is something not everyone aspires to and that's where the issue lies because one's happiness sometimes 'depends on anothers' sorrow.You have to prove another a loser in order to be known as a winner.But it's not always about the winners,is it? :) That's where the kindness you speak of comes into play,er? And grace and forgiveness.

Enjoyed the post a lot!
Btw,who is Troy? A native American? Looks ...er.. cute!:D
Steel Magnolias,an old movie? I can't remember it now.So did Micheal play well? ;)

Susanne said...

I had to edit the name of the book when I reread this just now. I had it wrong! Bah! :D

Suroor said...

What's up with me? Well, I watched Steel Magnolias again after you reminded me and cried again :( Oh and I also watched Terms of Endearment and again fell in love with Shirley MacLaine!

Susanne said...

Niki, don't give up!

Lat, thanks for sharing about that Tamil song. Reminds me of the book of James when he speaks about the tongue and the damage it can do!

Troy is of Samoan heritage. :)

Yes, that's an old movie. It was fun seeing the old hairstyles and clothes. :D

Yes,Michael and his team are improving! Best of all,he enjoys playing with his friends.

Thanks for your comments!

Suroor, hehe.. Cute that you watched SM because I reminded you to. Do I sound as southern as they? ;)

Anonymous said...

If you have chance one day, look up Troy's story to Christianity. He is truly humble, and a lover of God!

May God continue to guide him through any hardships, as well as all of His people! Αμήν!

Susanne said...

Anon, I have been curious about his story when I saw on Wikipedia that he was a convert to the Orthodox church. He does seem like a good guy from the very little I know about him. Thanks for your comment!