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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Six weeks ago right now, I was waiting for a phone call to inform me ...

...that this sweet boy had arrived!
Isn't he so snuggly cute in his pajamas?
This is the bear his Poppy bought him and his parents named Napoleon.
"Susie, what're you doing now?"
Look!  Baby drool!
Already wearing a tie!

(click any picture to see the cutie pie a bit bigger...especially that first picture...how can you resist a face like that anyway?  :-))


Lat said...

The little tiger cub looks soooo cute 'wearing' his tie!

Well Zach,welcome to the tiger clan! :D
Thanks for sharing these Susanne! I enjoyed them very much!

Susanne said...

Lat, thank you for your sweet comment and putting up with me during my gushing-aunt stage. :D

Your comment was really thoughtful and much appreciated! Yes, a tiger like you! ;) :D