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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Samer recently took a short trip to Vienna and he gave me permission to tell y'all a bit about it.  OK, actually I just asked him to send me certain pictures and he did knowing full well why I wanted them.  Thankfully he doesn't mind my talking about him.  :)

He has scads of wonderful pictures from museums and the streets of Vienna and visits to Beethoven and Mozart's houses, - oh, and he went to a zoo for the first time in his life and has pictures to prove it - but I decided to only share four pictures on this post.  (The files are rather big - click the pics to enlarge - and take some time to upload.) 

Early in June each year, they have this outdoor concert.  You can sit on the hill for a lovely view or move on down to actually hear the classical music.

Samer enjoying the view
Lovely garden area
The parks are full of vibrant flowers
Wheeee! I love flowers!

And Vienna has terrific desserts like this Sachertorte which is pronounced in German like this:  [ˈzaxɐˌtɔʁtə]

Does anyone else see someone peeking over Samer's shoulder?

 If you can say that correctly, you are my new hero.  I can't seem to get that throat-clearing sound to come out easily enough.

Vienna looks like a great place to visit!


Lat said...

Lovely pics! Samer sure is enjoying the air,noise,food and everything that nature and humans can offer :) Thank you for sharing Vienna with us....Samer!:)

Susanne said...

Vienna sure seems nice! I'm glad you enjoyed his pictures, Lat! :)

Becky said...

Lovely pictures! I hope to visit Vienna one day - my bf has actually lived there for a couple of years.

And yes, I can pronounce Sachertorte correctly, but I also took German for a couple of years and Danish is related to German (although our language is not quite as hard on the throat)

Susanne said...

Ah so you are my hero! :)

English is a Germanic language, but it's not hard on the throat! ;)

Becky said...

Yeah I know :P you also have many problems pronouncing French :P the book I'm using to learn French is written for English-speaking people, so half of the things they point out you need to be careful about, I have no issue with (especially r's and such).

Susanne said...

Ha! Samer and I were talking about Rs just yesterday and I was asking why they could not just pronounce Rs in a sweet way like I do. ;) :D

Becky said...

Yeah you wouldn't be able to pronounce my name correctly ;)

Suroor said...

Great photos :)

Susanne said...

Becky, really? I wouldn't know how to pronounce Rebekka?! But Rebekah is my middle name! :-P

Suroor, thanks!!

Becky said...

Sorry, I should've clarified that, you wouldn't be able to pronounce it correctly the Danish/German way, since you have trouble with your R's :D

Susanne said...

aha! I had Samer say it for me :) Interesting!! :D