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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Forbidden Country

Proof of US sanctions at work.

Trying to download Google Talk:

This product is not available in your country

Thanks for your interest, but the product that you're trying to download is not available in your country.

One of the kindest people I ever met was accepted to study in Germany, but needs first to open a bank account there for visa requirements:

Hello Sir,

I'm very sorry, but Deutsche Bank does not open any accounts for people from Syria.

Maybe there is a chance to get an account in another bank in Germany.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Kind regards

Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschaeftskunden AG

An American woman living in Syria, wrote a bit about it: A Forbidden Country

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Joni said...

Hey you! You are reading a lot of great things in your Goose Chase book! Just thought I'd add that here rather than reply to each on on it's own.

Arg, that IS frustrating for Syrians, not to be able to open a bank account! So, did he find a different bank? :-|