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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ordinary Stuff

I'm still in that chapter about the ordinary so I figured I should use a color I don't ordinarily use! I wonder if this color will even show up. :-)

Here are a few more good things from chapter 3.

Mark mentions we often need a change of pace -- as in, don't be in such a hurry because when we are in a rush, we often see divine appointments as human interruptions.

"Spontaneity is an underappreciated dimension of spirituality. In fact, spiritual maturity has less to do with long-range visions than it does with moment-by-moment sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. And it is our moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that turns life into an everyday adventure." (pg. 58)

"Who you are isn't the issue; the issue is whose you are." (pg. 65)

"[T]he only way you discover a new identity is by letting an old one go. And the only way you'll find your securities in Christ is by throwing down the human securities we tend to cling to." (pg. 66)

"If you find your security outside of Christ, you have a false sense of security [and] ... identity." (pg. 67)

"Your success isn't contingent upon what's in your hand. Your success is contingent upon whether God extends His mighty hand on your behalf." (pg. 67)

Mark used the example of Moses being told to throw down his staff. His staff represented his identity as a shepherd. If Moses refused to get rid of that identity would he have been the man God used to deliver the Israelites from Egypt?

Things to consider anyway.

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