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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Using people, sowing & reaping, empty words, debt

So, it is a really hot June day! Thankfully I went walking early this morning while it was still pleasant outdoors. I finished reading a book which I posted about as well (previous post). I had a lot I wanted to copy from it and it couldn't wait 'til the end of the month. I have heard of the Hmong people hiding in Laotian jungles. They are on the run from their government because these people helped American forces during the Vietnam war. Sadly, we promised to help them, but never did. So they are foraging for food and wandering from hiding place to hiding place .. what an existence! Reading Three Cups of Tea made me see again how my country has done something similar only this time it was in Afghanistan. We gave support to the Afghanis when they fought our Cold War enemies, the Soviets. We supported Osama Bin Laden who arguably is our top national enemy presently. Amazing how that works, isn't it? America, the land of users. Blah. I really am disgusted by that and have concluded we are only reaping what we have sown for years. No longer are we a "nation under God" or even living "in God we trust. " Those are all empty words so why keep up the pretense? We don't trust God. We trust ourselves. Ah, good ol' humanism!

I am disgusted by my nation that keeps borrowing and burying itself in debt because we don't know how to curb our appetites and lust for more, more, more. I hate that personal responsibility has gone out the door and everyone just demands more bailouts and more services. Our politicians have become addicted to power and money. They want people dependent on them, and we are playing along with their desires. Why is General Motors now primarily owned by US taxpayers? Or should I say China since, I believe, even the US taxpayers are owned by the Chinese now.

It's maddening and, yes, I am frustrated by it. Thanks for asking.

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Joni said...

"No longer are we a "nation under God" or even living "in God we trust. " Those are all empty words so why keep up the pretense? We don't trust God. We trust ourselves. Ah, good ol' humanism!"
Agreed. We WERE one nation when we were submitted to God, but not any more - not now that we trust in government (which is just trusting in ourselves since we are the government). And we certainly don't trust in God.

I do think that as a nation we have used other nations and peoples. And it IS despicable. But let me just say that this is not an American problem. It's a SIN problem, and it's a HUMAN problem. People are corrupted by sin, so the things they do are corrupted. We SHOULD take responsibility and follow through on what we've said we would do and as a nation, our lack of integrity will come back and bite us (even more). At the very least we will be judged by God for them on that final day.

*I* as a person, should follow through. *I* as an individual should always strive to not use people. Have I done that? Probably - but not on purpose... at least not so much as I can recall. Sometimes my sin nature (even though it's dead!) gets in the way and I do things that I don't intend. :-\

(as I side note, I don't know why I have such a hard time with blogspot, but I can never remember my google account so that I can mark the box for getting replies sent to my email. >_<)