"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Be about the Father's business!"

Just read this on Mark Batterson's blog:

"Life is too short and the message is too important to spend our energies criticizing each other. Infighting must break the Heavenly Father's heart. It's self-righteous. It's sideways energy. And when we take pot shots at each other we're just playing into the enemy's hands. We need to be about the Father's business!"

I agree! Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would all be one as He and the Father were one. Instead we are fractured and often criticize one another - frequently over minor issues! How distracted we are from the purpose God has for us in this life!

I read two of Mark's books (see "Chase the Lion" and "Wild Goose Chase") and enjoyed his insights. So now I read his blog. He often has great gems to share.


Amber said...

This just sort of proves one of the points Meletios Webber is making in his book. We label others and then react to them as either 'threats' or 'beneath us'. We don't see other people as like-us, but not-us. He thinks that's one of the results of the fall. We focus on all the differences and not the similarities.

Susanne said...

Amber, that's a great point. Thanks for sharing what Mr.Webber had to say about this and how it relates to the fall.

Carmen said...

I struggle with this. I am currently struggling with them.

the Bible seems to teach a lot about thins that don't necessarily contradict each other but that always seem to provide proof for one argument or the other.

When we see others sinning, the Bible does tells us we are make sure they know the truth and light. Yet the Bible also says we should check for the boulder in our own eye before we point out the speck in someone else's. Does this now mean we never point out the speck or sin?

People are far too sensitive. I'm far too sensitive. Yet I could be a little more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Susanne said...

Carmen, yeah, I wish I were more sensitive to the Holy Spirit instead of other things. Hmmm.

Perhaps that principle of the beam and speck means we should FIRST look at ourselves before we start honing in on correcting others while our lives are in disarray. That's a good question.

And I have times when I struggle with "them," too. Oh, do I ever.