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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Stuff

On Thursday I took Michael out to eat and then we went to a local park and he played for a while. Before we left, we went down to the soccer field and twirled. He wanted to chase me as we twirled so we were twirling and running at the same time. Such talent, I dare say. After that we played Ms. Pac Man and the blue ghost while walking along the lines drawn for the soccer field.

On Friday I picked up Michael and he met me at the door dressed as Darth Vader. When he met my mom and dad at the door, he had to be fully dressed with his mask and cape. It's cute how he takes on Darth's serious persona. But then he raises the mask to assure my dad that "hey, it's just me under here, Poppy."

He said he and Blake were going to do a show .. kind of like he went to in Disney when he got to train to fight against Darth Vader. He will be Darth Vader since he has the costume. Blake will be Luke. My dad is going to help train the kids to be storm troopers. Michael assured me he will take off his mask at the end so the kids will know it was only him under there. He said he will charge 25 cents and give part of the money to his parents to help out with expenses. He asked my dad for some wood and a saw to build a background.

Tonight I went over to my grandparents' apartment because my uncle Artie and his son David came up to visit from Jacksonville, FL. I'd not seen them in ages. David was 2 last time I saw him and now he is 13. He asked where I was from and when I told him, he said I sounded like I was from...Texas. Or like that lady on "Facing the Giants." I guess he noticed my southern accent. He seemed to like me though he didn't realize our relationship fully at first. Sweet kid. He drew us pictures to remember him by.

Michael and Blake were there with Stephanie and Will. My mom was also there and we sat around the living room and sang for a while. I'd forgotten how funny my uncle could be. It'd been too long, but it was nice sitting around, singing and laughing like the olden days.

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