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Monday, October 26, 2009

Now for something lighter . . .

After writing about Escape yesterday and finally finishing this 400+ page book full of infuriating things, I think I need to write about something less serious this morning.

I nearly did a double take Friday night when Andrew arrived home after eleven with a curly black wig complete with its own pick! I was talking to him as I walked down the hall, stepped into the kitchen and saw it.

Susanne & Michael
Oct. 24, 2009

When I tried it on myself, I laughed so hard Andrew heard me all the way out at his truck. Actually it looks a lot like my hair when I tease it. Only darker. And I don't stick a pick in mine.

Michael - Oct. 24, 2009

Michael called me Thursday morning to discuss my coming to pick him up for the park. Then he stepped into his room explaining to his mom he needed to talk to me privately. He shut the door, but she could still hear him despite his whispering. He said, "I'll talk to you on the phone for a few minutes to delay doing my homeschool." Crazy kid.

He is going to Classical Conversations on Tuesdays. This is where they dissected the crawfish earlier in the week. Also they are learning lots of other good stuff including Latin endings. Hehehe...it makes me laugh to think of Michael learning Latin. Tomorrow he has to read his report on Caesar Augustus. That's the guy he chose to report on. He recognized his name from the birth-of-Jesus story as recorded in Luke 2.

Saturday we had a birthday party for my dad. It was Halloween-themed and many of us tried on the black wig. It looked very authentic on my Venezuelan brother in law! I think you can see it here.


Amber said...

That...is a very disturbing wig on your head. :) It's giving me flashbacks to the one perm I ever got - I looked like Bozo the Clown...

Susanne said...

LOL...so glad I could bring up the ol' perm for ya! Can you imagine trying to wear hijab over THAT thing??? :-P