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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today is . . .

my dad's birthday. I found these pictures in one of my brother's Facebook photo albums and thought they would be good to share today.

My dad loves his kids. (There are four of us though this post only pictures two.) When I was little I would cry when he'd leave, but sometimes he would take me riding on his bicycle. Even when I was only a few months old. Here we are at my grandparents' house in SC. I was probably 3 at this time. My brother is sixteen months younger than I am.

My dad grew up on a dairy farm in a rural area of North Carolina. He worked a lot on tobacco farms nearby. He wondered at times if he ever would leave the farm. Then the war broke out and young men were being drafted. He joined the United States Air Force during the Vietnam era. Instead of being drafted and sent to Vietnam, they sent him to Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada where he said they had tunnels through the snow! Several of his Air Force pals were sent to Vietnam. After getting out of the Air Force, he went to college, graduated and later became a high school teacher in North Carolina. Later he became a principal/administrator of two Christian schools.

My dad and I have always been close. We are quite a bit alike, too! For starters, we both like ice cream! :-)

Happy birthday!!


Achelois said...

Happy birthday to your dad! He is so good-looking!

Susanne said...

Thank you! :)