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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Notes on Quran - Sura 97 - 114

Sura 97 - 106

Since these chapters are so short, I can read through them rather fast. Sura 97 was about the Night of Determination when "angels and grace descend" (vs. 4). I think this is the night during the last ten days of Ramadan when Muslims believe prayers will be answered and more good deed points awarded so they spend those nights in further devotion to Allah.

I thought this

4. The people of the Book were not divided among themselves till after the clear proof had come to them.

was an odd verse from sura 98. It seems this "clear proof" divided the people of the Book. Was this Muhammad? And why would he be a divider and not a uniter since he claimed to have the same message?

Both sura 99 and 101 dealt with weighing deeds with 99 mentioning an atom's weight of good or bad determining the outcome.

Sura 100 mentioned horses rushing into battle.

Sura 101 begins with a question about the "startling calamity" and what it was. The final verse answers.

  10. How will you comprehend what that is?
 11. It is the scorching fire.

Sura 102 reminds us that plenty keeps us occupied. I took this as a warning that we should not let our families and wealth keep us from the best thing which is striving to please God.

Sura 103 reminds us that we are getting old and need to keep eternity in mind. Youth is fleeting. My mirror tells me this often.

Sura 104 speaks about a fire called Hutama. It is kindled by God to penetrate the heart. This sura warns us against amassing and hording wealth, backbiting and slandering others.

Sura 105 was about some people on elephants who fought the Muslims. God shows how He was faithful in helping the Muslims defeat them.

Sura 106 seemed complimentary of the Quraish and said God granted them security as they traveled. Yet I recall Muhammad was fine with raiding caravans sooooo??

Sura 107 - 114

Sura 107 reminds us that the one condemned is he who doesn't care for the orphans or the needy.

 4. Woe to those who pray  5. But who are oblivious of their moral duties,

I liked this as it was a good warning against those who pray and are outwardly devout yet they don't care for others. Reminds me of Jesus who said he desires mercy and not sacrifice. He reminded us that we show our love for him by taking care of the poor, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and visiting the prisoner. Not by outwardly washing our hands and faces.

Sura 108

1. HAVE SURELY given you pre-eminence (in numbers and following); 2. So serve your Lord with full dedication and sacrifice. 3. It is surely your opponents whose line will come to end.

It's a short sura, but I wondered if this were why Muslims have so many children. So their numbers wouldn't give out. And maybe the atheistic and secular countries will die out because they are not reproducing fast enough.

Sura 109

6. To you your way, to me my way

Got ya!

Sura 110 mentions the help of God while 111 is a death sentence for Abu Lahab and his wife who must have done something awful to cross Muhammad and make him curse them.

Sura 112 is a statement of "pure faith" about God.

Sura 113 is maybe a chapter for those who believe in the evil eye and magic and superstitions.

Sura 114 is helpful in sharing that our refuge is God and he protects us from those awful things that the tempter puts into men's minds.

All done with sura notes! Now I need to do a promised post for a couple of ladies who asked me questions about my reading the Quran.

Also I am reading a short book (100 pages) focusing on Leviticus. It's the book of the Law that deals with so many of the ceremonial rituals, purification rites, unclean and clean things. Basically it's about eight to ten essays from different authors who explain some of the significance of these things. Quite interesting. I have a few notes to share on this topic soon.

If you missed it, yesterday I posted how Esther and Vashti "rocked their world"!

Have a good Saturday!


Suroor said...

Congratulations and Bravo!!

Wonderful work. You read and you wrote! How many would do that?

Regarding - "4. The people of the Book were not divided among themselves till after the clear proof had come to them.

was an odd verse from sura 98. It seems this "clear proof" divided the people of the Book. Was this Muhammad? And why would he be a divider and not a uniter since he claimed to have the same message?"

I think the hope was that People of the Book woudl accept Muhammad since he claimed so many times to have brought the same message but that didn't happen.

It could also mean that whenever a prophet is sent to the PotB with clear proofs, they reject him and are hence divided?

Susanne said...

Suroor, yes, those explanations make sense especially how the message of God did tend to divide people. Thanks for your helpfulness on all the Quran posts! You kept me going! :)

sarah said...

My interpretation from Surah 98 is that it may refer to Jesus. The people of the Book were originally Jews following the Torah. Only Jews followed the Torah but the advent of the Messiah (Jesus) divided Jews into those who accepted him as the Messiah (the early Christians) and those who did not (remained as 'Jews').
The Quran speaks in many places of this division, The breaking of the covenant and the 'place where the two seas meet' (Al Khaf).
It is a confirmation that Jesus was the Messiah and also contains a warning for the Muslims - when the Messiah comes again there will also be those who accept him and those who do not.
I don't think it refers to prophet Muhammad as such because he was not resposible for dividing the people of the Book - they had already divided before his advent.

Sarah said...

You made it through! And much quicker than I did. :)

Did you enjoy the shorter ones at the end more? I did. They are also very nice in Arabic.

Sarah said...
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Susanne said...

sarah, thank you! Yes, it makes sense that the 'clear proof' was Jesus as you said his message indeed divided the Jews. Great point and thanks much for sharing this perspective! I am not always wonderful at picking out Jesus in the Quran since most of it is about Muhammad ...or Moses! ;) I appreciate your comment!

Susanne said...

Sarah, how long did it take you to finish reading? You know, I was like a woman on a mission wanting to read the Quran *finally*. (Not to mention I had to return the book to the library in order to avoid fines...ha, ha).

Plus you encouraged me to write my notes...so thanks. I think. ;)

I did like the last suras. I think the Quran sounds amazing in Arabic. I can't understand it, but it's hypnotic. I think this is why it looses its power in English. Samer said he didn't even recognize the same words when he used to show me the verses in English. He admitted he said, "THIS is what I hear in Arabic?" because it was lackluster. So I understand why Muslims prefer the quran to stay in Arabic. Makes sense.

Thanks for your comment!