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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Explaining Orthodoxy: Helpful Links & People

When I first met Amber somehow on the blogs about 25 months ago or so, she was a Catholic-in-training, attending the classes in order to become part of the Roman Catholic Church.  I immediately found her quirky style amusing and became a fast fan of her posts.  Admittedly some things she loves (comic books, scary movies, supernatural TV) are not in my interests, but for the most part ..yeah, I'll stop gushing about her now.

Although Catholic, Amber had online friendships with Orthodox women (or I assumed) and I noticed Amber - ever the avid reader and interested in religion - started posting more about Orthodoxy as she read books and listened to messages concerning the beliefs of this faith. I read these posts with the desire to learn about something unfamiliar to me.  I grew up Baptist so ...

Fast forward to last month when I saw a Facebook friend - who I knew in real life once upon a time (we worked together briefly) - had converted to Orthodox Christianity leaving his Southern Baptist roots. Intrigued I did what I am famous for: I asked a bunch of questions. And Daniel was kind enough to reply at length and follow-up with more answers when I had further questions.  (He made his reply public on his blog so you can read about his story here if you want to know why he started searching and how he found Orthodox Christianity.)

He and Amber both had recommended a couple of books which I mentioned I put on my Amazon Wishlist.  I received The Orthodox Church for Christmas, started reading it January 1 and immediately the notes began. I appreciate greatly the ones who have left feedback on those posts!

I decided to do this post as a collection of helpful articles and videos recommended by these people.  Yeah, they have been that good!  This way if someone is searching for information on Orthodoxy, they may stumble upon this post and see what was beneficial in explaining things to me.

I watched these videos (recommended by Daniel) and found them highly informative concerning why Scripture plus Holy Tradition is important vs. Sola Scriptura of most Protestants   This Series

In one of my first posts I mentioned women in Orthodoxy and Anonymous God Blogger submitted this fascinating article.   Orthodox Woman Writes About Women In Her Faith

In my balking at "theosis" or the idea of our becoming gods, again Anonymous God Blogger came through with this wonderful article which helped me understand the Orthodox position much better.  Annnnd this was written by an evangelical so that made it even better for me to swallow.  Excellent Article

Amber linked me to a past article she wrote on this topic of Deification (which I'd read before, but it's been many months). I found it very helpful as well.    Her Post

While reading it, I saw these posts concerning Icons which I reread and found of great help and interest.    Part 1 and  Part 2

Seeing how I still have a ways to go in this book, I will likely add more helpful links in coming days.

Again, thank you all for your feedback!


Amber said...

I keep telling you, we met over on UmmAdam's Christianity vs. Islam discussion. I swear it! :) Has it really been two years? Wow.

Also, I am *not* quirky! I'm idiosyncratic. :)

Liiiiiiinkkkkkksssssssss...*makes with the clicking* Does anyone else have to follow all the links on posts or is it just me?

Susanne said...

See, people? Seeeeeee? Is she not stinkin' adorable?


Amber, ah, I forgot. Yes, I recall I met a bunch of new people around that time. It was such a flurry for me because it's around the time we were preparing for our trip to Syria and I was tryingtogeteverythingdone and not stress too much over it.

And this month marks two years since we left. *sniff*

By the way, I thought the other day that I really hope you don't ditch us for Lent this year. I know it's all good and God is most important,but really I know He also wants you to be in fellowship with your friends. Those six weeks of Amberless life was pretty sad for me last year.

Just a suggestion!!

Hope you had fun clicking all the links, you quirky lady, you! ;)

Lat said...

Read Daniel's post. Going back to the basics of the teachings reminded me of some Muslim salafist wanting to go back to the fundamentals of religion to stay true to the teachings as much as possible.

Amber's post were interesting too on Deification and Icons.

I hope you have found some answers to orthodox teachings.

Susanne said...

Lat, ha...I bet Daniel would love to be compared to the salafis! :-D

Yes, I've learned a lot so far!